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Um, hi there Wedding Gods…

Um, I was just wondering… if maybe… um, I mean, if it's not too much trouble… I was just thinking it would be nice… if you could give me a pretty, sunny day for my wedding? Maybe like these couples had? They all look so happy to be outdoors in the nice weather for such beautiful picture.

pretty, sunny day for my wedding
Photos by Perez Photography

But I mean, if you can't… like if you're busy helping some other bride with her wedding day or whatever… you know- I know I'd be alright. As long as it's not some torrential downpour and not dangerous to me and E and our guests… I suppose it'd be okay if there was a little light rain. We could make the best of it… like this couple did… it even made for some cute photos!

pretty, rainy day for my wedding
Photos by Jasmine Star Photography

But just to clarify- my preference is the sunny, beautiful day option. 🙂

Warm and sunny,

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  • Guilty Secret

    All I’m asking for on my wedding day is that it’s not really, really windy. Rain, I can handle as we’re mostly inside. It’s a short walk from the ceremony to the reception and we can use umbrellas, but it’s right by the sea and it gets so windy down there sometimes… so no umbrella can save you… and I have visions of birdcage HAIR!

  • Oooo I can’t wait to see your colour scheme come together! I love what you just showed!

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