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A Secret Savings Button for Your Web Browser

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This post contains a review of Capital One Shopping, the free browser button that helps you save money online! As an FYI, Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get their extension using the links we provided.

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Ah, shopping online. It seems like there’s always a deal to be had, but finding the best price can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Going back and forth between open tabs, signing up for this email and that newsletter, just to save 10% on your first order. We’ve all been down that wormhole more times than we’d like to admit… we are all about being budget-savvy after all. Luckily, there’s a handy tool that can save you time *and* money (aka our favorite combo.) That tool is Capital One Shopping!

Don’t Check Out Before Checking Out Capital One Shopping

What is Capital One Shopping?

Capital One Shopping is a free browser add-on that helps save you money by automatically comparing prices, applying coupon codes, and alerting you to better available deals while you shop! AKA, a great tool for anyone who’s trying to save money on a wedding!

So, while you’re about to wrap up your shopping at, say Amazon, Capital One Shopping scans the web for coupon codes and applies them to your cart at checkout. No more time wasted searching for codes that may or may not work.  Capital One Shopping also searches across thousands of retailers to let you know if the item you’re browsing on Amazon, Target, Home Depot or Best Buy is offered elsewhere at a better price (which includes shipping and tax, so you don’t have to do the math yourself).

You can even add items to your “watchlist”, meaning if the price goes down at a later date, Capital One Shopping will notify you. This way, you never miss a great deal. 

And, while you shop with Capital One Shopping you can earn loyalty credits on sites like Walmart and eBay. Pile up those credits and redeem them for gift cards on the Capital One Shopping website. Cha-ching.

5 Ways Capital One Shopping Can Help You Save

1. Automated Coupon Codes 

Working coupon codes are the holy grail of online shopping. We all want them, but the real deal can be hard to find. Some of the working codes that Capital One Shopping applies are publicly available, but others are crowdsourced, meaning they come from real people who have had real success with other codes and are willing to share with their community. 

Whether it’s one working coupon code or several that add up, Capital One Shopping applies them automatically at checkout across tens of thousands of sites. It’s effortless on your end.

2. Price Comparison Tool

We shop on sites we know have good prices, like Amazon or Target for example, because it’s easy and because we think we’re getting the best deal. But how do you know you’re getting the best deal unless you’re constantly checking competitor shopping sites? 

Capital One Shopping‘s friendly price comparison tool will pop up if you’re shopping on Amazon, Target, Best Buy or Home Depot and a better price is found elsewhere. It does the math for you and gives you all the details you want to know, like shipping fees, taxes and delivery dates so you can make the best decision. It’s super simple—just a few clicks link you directly to the site with the better deal. 

3. Capital One Shopping Loyalty Credits

In addition to automatic price comparisons and coupon codes, Capital One Shopping gives users the chance to earn loyalty credits on purchases. Credits can be redeemed for gift cards at online stores like eBay, Nordstrom, Sephora and more. It adds up! 

4. Price Drop Monitoring

Capital One Shopping will also keep an eye out for price drops on items you’ve recently viewed or added to your Watchlist. So if you see something you’re interested in, but aren’t interested in paying full price (because, why?) add it to your watchlist. When the price drops or a better deal is found, the browser extension will alert you based on your settings. To add an item to your watchlist, simply click the logo. Capital One Shopping will monitor that item for 60 days and notify you if the price has changed. This can be great for keeping an eye on items like those splurge-worthy shoes you want to wear on your wedding day or killer rehearsal dinner dress.

Looking for something specific? On the Capital One Shopping website, you’ll find the Product Search feature. Simply type in what you’re looking for and you’ll be shown products that match your search across a variety of retailers. The prices you’ll see already include taxes and shipping and take into account available coupon codes or other offers, so you can easily compare prices and choose the best deal for you at that time.

The Bottom Line

Capital One Shopping is 100% free to use and can potentially end up saving you a bunch of money. It takes just 2 clicks to get the browser button and once it’s there, you just let it do its thing. Need more reasons to love this tool? The proof is in the savings. In the last year alone, the brand saved users over $70 million (!!!). Time to cash in, savvies!

Whether you’re looking to save money on your holiday shopping or score some savings for your wedding, this tool is a great addition to your browser. If you like shopping online, saving money and having more free time, (who doesn’t?!) then chances are you’re going to love Capital One Shopping. Add it to your browser today, it will become your budget-savvy bestie.


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