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After work on Friday, I dragged E along with me to do some e-pic successful shopping! I've been wanting to figure out what we're going to wear for a while now, and we didn't have any plans so it worked out perfectly. We hit the Columbus Day sale at Old Navy and got E some new khakis- score for only $14.92!

ann taylor dressPhoto from Ann

Then, we headed to the mall where I got the deal of the year! I went to Ann Taylor where I found the Christine Double V-Neck Dress which is a crossdye silk dupioni dress that was originally $188. I got it for less than $35 after tax!! Amazing!! It's a gorgeous dress, I know I will be able to wear it for plenty of things- showers, weddings, etc. I had a friend who used this dress as her bridesmaids' dress- see here:

ann taylor dress Photo by Evin Photography

banana republic dressPhoto from

I also have been obsessed with this dress ever since I saw this amazing e-session by the ever-talented Jonathan Canlas:

banana republic dressPhotos by Jonathan Canlas

I had no idea it was from Banana Republic… and honestly, I usually never set foot in that store. Their clothes are so beautiful and high quality but unfortunately they usually don't fit in my budget. I'd never bought anything from them before but when I saw the dress in the sale section I knew it had to be mine! Victory!!! The perfect punch of color for our e-pics… and it's kinda in our wedding color scheme.. 🙂 I love it. I'm not a boots girl though- any suggestions on shoe options with this dress? Oh and also, I'd like to inform you all that in the 2 weeks I've been doing boot camp- I have lost a whole dress size!!! I'm so proud and happy! Just wanted to share that! 🙂

THEN, I was sifting through my Google Reader on Sunday when I came across a post by Abbie over at A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door. She did a post about shoes and listed a photo of some shoes she was in love with but hadn't had any luck finding. I had seen these shoes around the internet on various blogs and I had even used them in an inspiration board I made- but I never knew who made the shoes or how to find them. Well, luckily Abbie identified these shoes in her post as the turquoise Nine West Juliarae shoe- and then I was on the hunt! I found the shoes at a bunch of different online retailers, but always in the wrong color. Then, I found them listed on and they thankfully had them in a few different colors, including TURQUOISE! The ONLY size they had available in the color were a size 8- how fateful it is that 8 is just my size! The wedding gods have blessed me oh-so-greatly!!! Check them out in their fabulousness:

nine west shoes

Overall I'm VERY happy with the successful shopping I found this weekend! 🙂

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  • Meg

    My fiance and I have engagement photos this weekend, and I have no idea what we are going to wear!! I think that your new banana republic dress will photograph really well…congrats on your finds.

  • Congrats on the boot camp, yay! And LOVE both the dress and the shoes.

  • Very nice!

  • Love the BP dress! It would be really cute with wedges. So glad you found the NW shoes in your size! I love them, but I couldn’t find a 6 anywhere, so I’m now stalking eBay!

  • OOHH that blue Banana Republic dress is gorgeous! And on a sale rack? I may have to go to the mall on my lunch break 🙂

  • love love the BR dress! You will look so cute! If you’re feeling sassy I would do silver shoes, but I think black shoes will look just as nice.

    Yay for your excellent scores!

  • I LOVE those shoes… I too went to they have them in gray satin… which looks more like ivory to me. But, I might just have to buy those for my wedding shoes 🙂

  • oh i love the banana dress as well!!!

  • michelle

    I fell in love with these shoes and are just what I want! I checked amazon and are currently out of stock! Would you be willing to sell your pair?

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