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Add Extra Sparkle to Invites

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Brittany Rice

As mentioned in an earlier post I scored our invitations for a great deal on Groupon! Our invites were beautiful to begin with but they could use a little extra something so I decided to add a little DIY to them. Adding the extra little pizazz cost me literally $10 and added that extra personalization that I was looking for.



glitter glue, washi tape, bakers twine

  • Gold Glitter Glue: I purchased one bottle for $2.99 at Michaels
  • Washi Tape: I found an assortment of colors and styles in the One Spot for $1.00 at Target (I purchased two rolls total)
  • Bakers Twine: I got 2 spools of bakers for $2.99 each at Michaels

invitation 1

Step one:  Add a small dab of glitter glue to the center of each flower on the invitation and RSVP card

invitation 2


invitation 3

Step Two: Tie a bow around the invitation and RSVP card with the bakers twine.

invitation 5

Step Three: Seal your invitation envelope with the washi tape

invitation 4

And that’s it, an easy way to spruce up your budget invites with very little added cost.

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Brittany Rice

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