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Affordable Bridesmaid Brunch Inspiration

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Guest Blogger

Longtime reader and BSWOW featured bride Emily sent over her some photos and tips from her budget-savvy bridesmaid brunch that I thought would help inspire you on this cold and dreary Monday! The sunny color scheme that mimics the lovely yellows in her wedding just warms me up inside! Here’s the dish from Emily:

bridesmaid brunchbridesmaid brunchbridesmaid brunchbridesmaid brunchbridesmaid brunchbridesmaid brunch

  • I made my own invites for my maids. I used the avatar feature on theknot.com and made it look as close to the real me and then with a little photoshop magic I turned it into an invite!  Printed it at home and used leftover wedding invitation envelopes and stamps for $0 extra dollars


  • I asked one of my bridesmaids if we could use her carport for the party and borrowed tables and chairs from my friends company and strung up christmas lights and lit tiki torches. $0 for venue.


  • I collected a few vases from my house, garage sales and the $1 store and spray painted them white.  $8 at most for all the vases and spray paint. (we later used the vases and flowers at the rehearsal dinner the next night)
  • One of my bridesmaids sews so we went to the fabric store picked out some wedding color fabrics and she made a table runner for me for the party and I still use it on my kitchen table now. Cost of fabric $15


  • One of my other bridesmaids graciously volunteered to bring some of her grandmother’s china that was similar to my wedding colors and we mixed match yellow and silver floral china. Cost= $0 since it was borrowed


  • I bought them each a jewelry roll from this adorable etsy seller and a chiffon gray flower hair pin from an adorable etsy seller that no longer has a shop 🙁 for a total of $170 or $21.25 per bridesmaid (total of 8 girls)
  • Then I each made them their own special wordle with their name and characteristics they have each taught me, as well as a bible verse. I printed each of these out for them and included it in their special letter. This cost me $0


  • I ordered the breakfast casserole, biscuits and the famous strawberry truffles from a local cafe and then bought champagne, juice, and yellow and white flowers and fruit from the grocery store. In total this cost about $175


  • We actually got married on a Sunday so I decided to do a Friday night dinner party for our bridesmaid brunch.  Instead of serving dinner food we had breakfast for dinner and got a great deal getting the food catered for dinner from a cute cafe in town.

So for under $400 I mailed invites, decorated and set the table, gave gifts, catered and hosted a party for 8 bridesmaids plus both mothers!! It is still a very special night shared with some of my closest friends. It was a great way to really appreciate the women that would stand by me that weekend and to shower them with love as they had done for me during my engagement! I hope this helps to inspire other brides to celebrate their bridesmaids in a way that doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Guest Blogger

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