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Affordable custom suiting for grooms from OWNONLY

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affordable custom suiting for grooms
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When it comes to the fashion of the wedding day, you want your groom to look and feel as amazing in his attire as you feel in your dream wedding dress. For the longest time, it’s seemed to be the standard mode of operation for the groom to be doomed to rent a standard style tuxedo with few customization options. Basic tuxedo rental companies don’t have the variety of styles and fabrics to allow your man to plan a look that encompasses his signature style or personality. Not to mention, who wants to throw $200 down the tube on a rental suit that isn’t even *exactly* what he really wants?

Luckily, smart grooms and budget savvy brides have a new option to explore for groom or groomsmen attire. Allow me to introduce you to OWNONLY!

affordable custom suiting for grooms

OWNONLY is a new company that saves grooms and groomsmen from the dreaded rental tuxedo with their custom tailored suits. Give your groom the chance to fully customize the perfectly tailored suit in his choice of fabric, color and style. OWNONLY helps your special guy look his best and feel as comfortable as possible in an impeccably tailored suit made just for your big day.


The ordering process is simple as pie. Just a few minutes and clicks through their online store and you’ll receive a custom sized and tailored suit crafted just for the special man in your life. And even better? The prices are incredibly affordable when considering the quality of their pieces and the level of customization offered. If you’re looking for suits for your entire wedding party, they’ll make it even more affordable for you, just inquire about their group orders for wedding parties.


Why We Love OWNONLY:


OWNONLY’s collection of affordable custom suiting starts at just $259! Ordering for a group? Orders of 2-10 suits will receive 10% off including shirts, accessories etc OR they will receive a free shirt with each suit purchase. Orders of 11+ suits will be given a 20% off the entire order. Larger discounts available if ordering over 20 suits! Innovative production along with low processing costs cuts their prices in half compared to standard menswear brands.


OWNONLY suits are delivered within 3 weeks of ordering, making them incredibly convenient even on a short timeline. The website is accessible online 24/7, so as long as you have proper measurements (which you can do yourself at home – just watch this measurement instructional video) you can easily order your custom suit anytime!


Not only will your suit be custom tailored to your measurements, but additional personalization options are available such as monogramming. From the cut of the lapel to the cuffs and buttons, you get to choose the exact details to create the suit you want. Whether you’re wanting a classic black tuxedo or a stylish and mod style tweed, OWNONLY has dozens of fabric options to create a unique and customized look so your groom feels just as special in his suit as you do in your dress. Does your groom want to rock a shorts tuxedo like Pharrell? He can get a professionally tailored version for himself with OWNONLY.


OWNONLY is an online custom tailor that offers the highest quality detailed custom wear at affordable prices. Their suits undergo over 100 quality assurance verifications to ensure that each product will last and won’t deteriorate over time. In order to increase durability in each suit’s construction, OWNONLY uses a horse hair lining which is known for its “memory” that keeps the suit looking new with the same elegant drape each time you wear it.


If you are not satisfied with your order, OWNONLY allows you to take your order to any local tailor for alterations and they will reimburse you up to $79. Or they will entirely remake your order. Full refunds are also available upon request if you are not completely satisfied! All the typical suit rental places cost a fortune and the fit is never exact. Plus, you don’t get to keep them! Wouldn’t you rather invest your money in a beautifully tailored suit made just for you that you actually get to keep and enjoy for as long as you want?

ownonly1 ownonly2

Whether your guy is going for the look of Don Draper or Jay Gatsby, OWNONLY’s customization options put the style and control in your hands. Rental tuxedos give you limited options and the fit is hardly anything to write home about. With OWNONLY you get the look you desire and a perfect fit every time, thanks to their amazing commitment to customer satisfaction. If you’re not 100% happy with your tailoring, you can take your suit to be altered on OWNONLY’s tab up to $79 — I’d say that’s pretty amazing!!

The bride gets to have the experience and joy of wearing the dress of her dreams on her big day — why shouldn’t the groom get to have the same experience of having a perfectly tailored suit made just for him on the most special day of his life? Not to mention he gets to keep it and enjoy it for years to come? Sounds like a sweet deal to me. Just check out how amazing this group of groomsmen look in their wedding day suits from OWNONLY?


There is nothing like an expertly tailored suit with a perfect fit — it’s the difference between an “off the rack” dress and the dress of your dreams — don’t you want your groom to have the same experience for your special day? If you’re looking for a custom suit for your special guy that makes him feel just as special as you do on your big day, tell your groom to “suit up” with OWNONLY!

*this post was sponsored by OWNONLY. All opinions are our own.*

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