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Affordable Mexico Wedding Venue

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Affordable Mexico Wedding Venue

After Adam and I finally settled on the country we would get married in we set to work looking at different venues. After looking around for a few weeks we sort of got lucky with this one because I remembered seeing the photos of one of my friends weddings in Mexico. I sent her a quick Facebook message asking the details of her wedding location then sent an e-mail to the resort. After hearing a few details from the resort about the cost, size, and wedding options, I knew we had found our Mexico wedding venue, and it was an affordable Mexico wedding venue too!

Cabana-La-LunaImage via Cabanas La Luna

We chose Tulum, Mexico and Cabanas La Luna for our wedding!

We liked this venue for many reasons! First, the guests could all fly into Cancun airport, a highly popular tourist destination meaning that flights weren’t too expensive. The hotel also provides affordable shuttles from the airport to Tulum, which is about an hour and a half south of Cancun.

We had also decided fairly early in the wedding planning process that we didn’t want to get married at a giant all-inclusive resort. We loved the character and uniqueness of this resort, and the fact that it is right on the beach!

cab8bImage via Cabanas La Luna

The third reason we loved this resort is because of its size. It matched up pretty well with our guest list estimate and we thought we would be able to rent the entire property that holds 37 people. That way we can have a private ceremony and reception AND hang out with all of our closest family and friends for a four-day fiesta! Amazing.

And the fourth, possibly most important reason was the cost. This venue was by far one of the most affordable places for most of our guests (some are staying in a neighboring hotel!) to stay. I looked into all different resorts on the Maya Riviera and found that it was also much more affordable for our guests for us to get married at this small eco-resort rather than an all-inclusive. Many of the all-inclusives I could find were about $180-200 dollars per person not per room, and we thought that would be quite a bit for our guests. Cabanas La Luna was much less money than an all-inclusive resort (which, to be fair, would have been much more affordable for us). Although it is not the most affordable for the bride and groom and the wedding extras are quite pricey, we didn’t want our guests spending an arm and a leg. Especially since we’re already asking a lot of them to come to Mexico and everything, haha.

So cost, size, location, and uniqueness really sealed the deal on our wedding venue.

What I didn’t know when we chose this venue that I have found through the planning process is how helpful the wedding and accommodations managers are. Both of these women have been very helpful throughout the process so far!

It’s kind of nerve-racking not being able to see the venue in person before the big day, but we’re pretty easy-going people and I’m sure the ocean and beach backdrop will be beautiful. I’m just so excited to be getting married in such a beautiful place to my favorite man in the entire universe with all of our closest people!

Destination brides I need your input? Did you see the venue beforehand? How was planning from so far away? How did you know you chose the right venue?


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