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In a past, not too long ago life, I used to scrapbook.  For whatever reason, I lost interest and haven't scrapped in a long time.  During that time I created quite a few books.  Where are they now?  In a box in the closet somewhere, only to be taken out when I do a total reorganization/cleaning of the closet.  Knowing these books ended up as dust collectors, I did not want that to happen to my guest book.

I searched for ideas for alternative guest book ideas that I could put on display instead of in the closet.  One of my favorite books was the fingerprint version:


The problem with doing something like this was I would have to have someone to design it for me meaning I would have to probably pay a price for it.  Plus, there just did not seem to be much room for signing.

After my engagement pictures were ready to take a look at, I met my photographer at a local coffee house to pick my favorites.  While sitting there, I mentioned to him that I wanted something different for the guest book and something that would match our rustic wedding theme and eventually our rustic-y decor theme at home.

Enter inspiration:


It was one of the walls at the coffee shop.  I love the look of it and figured I could somehow replicate that look for my guest book.  It would just take some planning.  After about a day and a half of work, I now have something I am happy to hang on the wall


It was a pretty easy project and once it is time for people to sign, they can grab a pen and sign a shim.

Materials needed (for a 30″x22″ peice):

6-1x4x4 white wood pieces

4 packs of wooden shims

Freebies for your wedding

1/2 pint of Sunbleached Stain and 1/2 pint of Special Walnut Stain

Wood or Craft Glue

I lined up five 1x4s and cut them down to size.  The sixth board was used as a brace on the back.  I screwed/glued the brace to the back and let it dry.


I took the engagement pictures I was using and drew their lines on the wood so I knew not to place a shim in that area.



I started using wood glue to adhere the wood shims, but the wood glue would NOT cooperate.  I eventually switched over to the trusty graft glue I have and it worked like a charm

After all of the shims were glued and cut to size (not easy if you do not have a power saw), I started staining my color on.




I started with the Special Walnut stain and applied it lightly and randomly.  There was no rhyme or reason to how I applied it.  I then applied the sunbleached color (which looks very gray at first).  Then I just started using each color where I thought it was necessary.




I love how this looks!  It has so much dimension and is very unique.  I am going to have to find a pen that will sign the wood (not too difficult since I tested out different options on spare shims).  Most likely, I will place this on an easel and let everyone sign a shim.  I cannot wait to display this on my wall!  The best part:  I spent less than $30 to make this.

What will your guest book look like?

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