Amazing Shoes for Less

The dress was easy to find. The bridesmaids dresses were easy too. But I cannot find a pair of shoes that suit me to save my life!!

Yes I am one of “those” girls who loves and lives for shoes. Although, I have done a stupendous job, if do say so myself, selling and donating all the old shoes I have that I do not wear anymore. This means, however, I have plenty of room to collect new shoes for all wedding related events.

So first, my favorite places to score amazing shoes for less moolah:

  • : ah, the original. The first love. Free returns, so no issues if you end up not liking them as much when they arrive!
  • : very good deals, probably even better than zappos many times. However, no free return shipping, so be aware of that when you are ordering.
  • : somehow connected with Amazon so I feel like its pretty legit. Prices are often not as good as the other two, but they often have free shipping and I believe free returns also. You also typically get overnight shipping free for new stuff, and sometimes 2 day shipping on the normal stock, so if you need it quick this is a good place to go.
  • : always a good source, although the store sort of overwhelms me. I swear someday I’m going to end up looking like a Cathy comic in that place with like 20 pairs of shoes in my hands and wigging out in the middle of an aisle.

You will find all the great designer brands on these sites and they run daily deals and sales a lot too on specific brands. My strategy is when I see a specific brand I like, I try to go back and check on that brand every couple weeks to see what is new and available. What I find normally happens is, if I find the brands I like even if the specific SHOE I wanted doesn’t come available, I find something else I like better in that brand anyway.

My lovely bridesmaids and I are taking a little trip to the Bluegrass Stakes for a bachelorette party in April (cheaper than the Derby and very close to us too!). I’m thinking I might want to get some seychelles like these:

amazing shoes for less

(no i have no idea what I’m wearing but I can build around these.) Luckily, Seychelles are available fairly often on all the discount sites. I have seen these a LOT on different wedding blogs as actual wedding shoes, and they appear to be fairly comfortable.

Now for rehearsal dinner night, I think I will want to wear something very understated and innocent. I’m thinking maybe a nude heel like these vintage FRYE Mayas. SO CUTE (also still holy expensive on endless, gotta keep watching these.)

amazing shoes for less

Of course, all depends on what I decide to wear, probably something I own already since I have way more cocktail dresses than The Grove before an Ole Miss game.

NOW. THE day. I have had it in my head that I definitely want to follow the bright shoe trend. Looks like this:

amazing shoes for less

Photos by Dixie Pixel from blog feature on The Budget Savvy Bride

and this:

amazing shoes for less

Photo by Rochelle Mort from feature on The Budget Savvy Bride

just TOO hot! (Although, I have heard some people say its strange to wear a colored shoe and not a white/beige/blah blah blah. Whatever, it’s our party and I’ll wear what shoes I want too! haha!) Since my dress is going to be stark white, I really want BRIGHT BLUE. Cobalt. Royal. Pantherette (if you went to my high school).

I covet these so much that every time I see them, I just die a little inside:

amazing shoes for less

Pour La Victoire Pump via

The problem is that they have a 3 3/4″ heel! I’m already 5’8″ people, and my future hubby is 5’10”. Granted he does not care one BIT that I wear heels that make me taller than him, and honestly it’s not the being taller than him that will bother me, its the being taller than EVERYONE that will bother me. I will be taller than my dad, my brother, his dad, most of the males in my family, and be towering over everyone in general except for my two incredibly tall grandmothers from which I got my height. Plus, 3 3/4″ does not sound that comfortable for a night to boogie down (as I fully plan to do.). Even more unfortunate, it does not appear Pour La Victoire makes anything with a small heel. Learn to let go, Leah, learn to let go.

I kind of want peep toe anyway. (I’m rationalizing, because I would give up peep toe for those pour la victoire’s anyday!)

These are cute…but there is just something about them that I have misgivings about…I’m not sure why…

amazing shoes for less
Me Too – via

I also like these alot:

amazing shoes for less

Seychelles via

AND only $35

Although I’m usually not fond of a rounded toe. I have stumpy legs so I usually like a pointy shoe to elongate my leg. However, I guess no one will really SEE  my legs but still, I don’t think so.

So, finding royal blue/cobalt/pantherette colored shoes without a very high heel, that I am happy with, seems to be pretty impossible. I decided to also consider red or pink heels. Pink has been my favorite color since about age 4. And, I just love red shoes, and I figure they will go with the red roses that will be in my bouquet.

I really like these, and I think they are a good color of red and not a HUGELY high heel.

amazing shoes for less

Nina via

So I’m thinking about getting these. They aren’t so “special occasion” that I could not wear them for something else if I wanted too. AND if I buy them at Zappos and keep the slips, I can always return them if I find something else I like better (and blue!)

I am also planning on checking out some sales around Easter when I figure it is likely there will be more bright colored shoes available. Note, if you want a bright shoe, look in the spring or summer don’t want until you are in the throes of planning mid-January or you will be as frustrated as I!

I think at this point Ryan is on to me that I am multi-tasking blog writing and shoe shopping (the football games are over so he is finally realizing it!). 😉

Thoughts? What are your favorites? Weigh in below!

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