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american gothic

American Gothic by Grant Wood from 1930

I don't know what it is about American Gothic that I love so much… perhaps it's that we studied it in-depth in my American Art History class (which was, by far, my favorite non-creative class I took in college, BTdub.) It really is an iconic work of art- I hope to see it in person some day! Something I really love is when photographers use their brides and grooms to do their own American Gothic adaptations- they make for some really interesting engagement and wedding images!

American Gothic adaptations

Jessica Claire

American Gothic adaptations

Meggie Velasco

American Gothic adaptations

Jonathan Canlas

American Gothic adaptations

Dias Photo

American Gothic adaptations

F8 Studio

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  • AmyJean

    I love these photos too and I love when couples today mimic the faces and the expressions of those in the “american Gothic” period… 🙂

  • It’s so classic cool. I would like to take a pic like this but am afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold a serious face. I am awful at serious pictures. 🙂

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