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Hello fellow budget savvy brides,

When it came to choosing my bridesmaid gifts, it was a no brainer.  Jewelry of course! I work at a bead store here in Charlotte, On A String Bead Shop and we create custom jewelry for our customers.  I am sure that my bridesmaids are pretty much expecting great statement necklaces.

Since they girls have their choice of dresses, they will all have a different necklace.  Each of my bridesmaids has their own personality and style, so this is the perfect opportunity to help them showcase it during our big day! They will all use similar components and colors, but  help to make each maid feel special.  I have not completed all of them, but here is a sneak peak at the first two.  Let's see which bridesmaid finds her post first!

Bridesmaid Gifts

Often times creating your own jewelry can be more budget savvy than purchasing already made baubles! And don't we all love another DIY project?

Bridesmaid Gifts

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  • This is such a neat idea! Love the necklace with the blue flowers!

  • Shalonda

    This is such a great idea AND I live in Charlotte also. I’d like to explore something like this. So does Anne still work at the bead shop and would she still read this?

    Guess I’ll have to go to the shop…

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