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As you may recall our groomsmen are wearing tan suits. So as part of their gifts we found periwinkle and white gingham ties. We found these on sale at a local department store for about $20 a piece.

I had mentioned to the G2B that our very own BS Couple Jessica and Eric got bright argyle socks for the guys to wear, and he thought that was such a great idea. After hunting all over town, he decided to buy them online. These perfect ones were $7 a pair! And he is looking forward to similar pictures too. Jessica, imitation IS the highest form of flattery, right?

Andrew had seen this Buffalo Nickel money clip awhile back and thought it would make a great groomsmen's gift. These are really cool, they have the magnetic money clip, a pocket for important cards and places for credit card, etc on the opposite sides. I tried to better document these in pictures, but to no avail. These were $40 a piece at a local store. Hopefully they like their gifts as much as we do!


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    You sharing nice post.It's very helpful to me choose the right decision….

  • Fantastic Blog!I like to very much like this grooms gifts

  • Charlotte

    Where did you get the lovely socks?

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