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I had planned on my G2B designing our invitations, tracking down the correct papers and envelopes, (kind of like Jessica did!) and printing them out ourselves. I had all of these great ideas and had been researching what I wanted them to look like. And then one Sunday afternoon I was roaming the aisles of Michael's and I ran into the Brides Invites. There was one style that were the perfect colors, and less than a dollar per invite. They were on sale (yay!), I sent a picture of them to G2B and got the ok, and these bad boys were in my buggy so fast! I just could not help myself. How could you blame me for buying box invitations?

Box Invitations {image from Michaels}

They are wonderful, they include response cards and envelopes, and extra cards for directions or what have you. I really love the ribbon detail, I think it makes them look sooo much more expensive than they really cost. They also come with a link to go to for easy fonts and printing instructions. Each box contains 30 invites, so I went ahead and bought 3 just because I knew we would need a smidge more than 60. They were $24.99 per box. With tax they all came to $81.16. Jackpot!

93.5% I am all for DIY (and these still a little DIY since we will print them ourselves), but every once in awhile I'm all about simplifying things.

Only bummer, you can not use coupons on sale merchandise, which I totally understand but I never head to Michael's without a coupon or two!

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  • Christy V

    I LOVE this set! These are my favorite colors, and I bought them for the rehearsal dinner invites. 🙂 I bought the wedding/reception invites at M's, too. They were the ivory ones with the pearl and ribbon in the middle. LOVELY! And, super easy to print & assemble. (I didn't know these were on sale when I bought them b/c they never freaking label anything at my local store. So, when I got to the register and they rang up $24.99, I was confused and handed my coupon over. The cashier totally let me use it, even though she wasn't supposed to and I got the box for $16.45 with tax and all. SCORE!)

  • Anne

    Hey Christy V.-
    I am so jealous that she did! But great for you!

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