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J.Crew Bridesmaid Dresses

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After searching high and low I decided to go with J.Crew bridesmaid dresses. Although these are not super budget savvy, they are super easy order, receive and return. I really appreciate the customer service that the company has to offer as well. We found two styles that we liked so we ordered both for my sister. And once she decides which one she will keep she can return the other at our local J.Crew store. Both styles were super cute on, so I am giving the girls the option between both of these styles! All of my bridesmaids are similar sizes, but have different proportions. I believe that giving them options, will help to ensure that their dress is more wearable after our wedding.

blue J.Crew Bridesmaid Dresses

blue J.Crew Bridesmaid Dresses

My sister, pictured in both dresses, holding one of the bouquets from my trial run through. The necklaces are just styles that we are thinking, we will not be using those colors. One of the bridesmaids gift will be a necklace for the wedding. And we are still deciding between gold or silver strappy sandals.

p.s. less that 3 months! Woo Hoo!

J.Crew bridesmaid dresses

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