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I had never heard of Anthropologie before I started blogging. I'd never been in one of their stores, never would have recognized their stylish frocks if worn by someone I know. But for some reason, it seems like everyone in the blogiverse writes about them and owns 100 of their adorable dresses. They are SO out of my price range- I rarely spend over $30 on a top, $50 max on pants, and $100 max on a dress, depending on the occasion. I don't want to call myself cheap, because that sounds negative… let's just say I'm thrifty. I just can't justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes… Furniture is a different story. 🙂


all images from anthropologie

I have a love/hate relationship with anthropologie as I know I will probably never own anything from there… but it sure is fun to look! Is it weird that I've been so drawn to items that are in my wedding color scheme? Come to think of it, we could work with that… I mean, how cute is this pic?


Photo by the lovely Jasmine Star

I really love the idea of having furniture outside for a reception. It's kind of funky, the contrast and unusualness of it. I would totally rock these yellow chairs, they make for such a fun pic!

My mind is all over the place this morning. Is it Friday yet?


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  • Being thrifty is a great thing. It doesn’t mean that you’re cheap, quite the contrary, it only means that you have common sense and try harder to find what you want for the right price! I’m totally with you on the amount you spend on clothes, I always look for sales and try to find good value, no matter what I buy.
    I strongly feel like you can look like a million bucks on a small budget… And this blog proves to me every day that it’s also possible for a wedding.
    BTW, the chairs are adorable! If you’re really into the idea, try to find an old pair at a consignment store that have the right shape but an ugly pattern, find a similar fabric, and re-upholster them! I think it’s probably not that hard, by the look of it I only see that the front of the arms could be problematic, but you can probably find a way to make it work (there has to be tips and techniques available on the web).

  • I usually find great deals in their sale section. I rarely pay full price for anything, so I definitely scour the sales. I feel I can justify spending a little more (even on a sale item) if it’s higher quality, and my Anthropologie wares have lasted me years. Plus, you can find great kitchen items there! I love giving the tea towels as housewarming gifts.

  • Amanda (vintageglam)

    I never pay retail price. Ever.

    I buy my Anthro dresses from Ebay for a fraction of the price. You can even find clothes with the tags on for sale. I never had luck finding anything my size on the sale section of Anthropologie stores. 🙁

    Thanks for visiting! It’s so rare to see blogs like yours. Added to my reading list!

  • Well I’ll say it, I am cheap…

    here is the thing.

    Anthro tries so hard to make cute little things that have a vintage feel to them.

    and I love love love them, (only during sales)
    I just got some pink mugs there for 1.25$
    but thats besides the point…

    If you like those dresses (and I do) start thrifting, and check out garage sales.

    oh and e-bay never hurts…

  • kay*

    we don’t have anthropologie here in canada (though they now ship here…but still, not the same) and i am so looking forward to visiting one the next time i’m in nyc.

    and those yellow chairs are funky – love ’em!

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