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I was reading an article online last week called “Stop the Scourge of Wedding Presents” about how the wedding registry system is outdated and encourages wasteful spending.

The author brings up the valid point that most brides and grooms these days have already spent time living on their own, or away from home with their family. To move in together means merging two existing sets of furniture and household goods. When my fiancé and I moved in together we ended up with double of certain items.

So are registries old-fashioned and a bad idea? It’s true that we already have many of the things we need. So I knew registering at Macy’s or Bed, Bath & Beyond wasn’t for us. But what the author of the article didn’t take into consideration is that the modern registry doesn’t have to be for household goods only.

I created a page for Tom and I at which is a service I learned about on this site. Thanks BSB! SimpleRegistry claims you can register for anything, anywhere. Which is true to a point. You add items to the registry page, along with a photo and cost. If someone purchases through the site, Simple Registry will send you cash for that amount. Technically you could just keep the cash and not get the item. I thought about this and the fact that I’m uncomfortable giving credit info online when I don’t know a site well so I decided to include a link to where the real item came from in each description. That way someone could, if they chose to, buy the item from a physical store.

I don’t know yet if this is a great idea. At my Bridal Shower I received a gift that was listed on my registry, but hadn’t been purchased through the site. The gift-giver saw it on there and found it at the store. I can see how this might create problems – people purchasing the same gift – but I still think the benefits outweigh these. I have a few missing household items on our list (ironing board, printer, extra towels) some fun things (cooking classes, massage, and facial) as well as things like gift cards to our favorite restaurant or movie theater.

My cousin used a site called Honeyfund instead of a gift registry. It sounds just like what it is – a registry for your honeymoon. And it works similarly to SimpleRegistry.

Do you plan on going to traditional registry route? Are you doing something different?

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I’m a 24-year old marketing coordinator from Portland, Oregon who enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and riding my bike, reading, blogging, and indulging my nerdy side with video games and trivia nights. I’m marrying my wonderful fiancé Tom in a fall-themed wedding on October, 5 2013. I’m lucky to call him my best friend.

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  • Missy June

    We opted for no registry and if people ask we let them know we love to go out to eat and that we will need a some things from Target when combining our households.

  • Amber K

    I am also using the registry. Shortly before we got engaged my fiance and I bought a house so a lot of the “normal” stuff you find a registry doesn’t really fit our needs. On top of that we also chose to utilize the registry, which is sooooo cool. A lot of the items on that registry are for our honeymoon trip (we are going hiking in Arizona) and some small items we just thought would be great to have as extras in our house.

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