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Asking For Help

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Asking For Help

One of the main pieces of advice almost every bride and bride-to-be gives is to ask for help. You usually find the people closest to you want to make your wedding day special, and will be willing to help in any way they possibly can. Being a “budget savvy bride” I knew I was going to have to get over my fear of reaching out to those close to us for their help, and to say our friends and family were more than willing to help is an understatement.



I’ve already shared that our wonderful photographer is a close family friend and our day-of coordinator is a close friend, but we also have received help from others close to us. The obvious people who have helped have been both of our mothers and my grandmother. My mom has helped with numerous projects, especially with anything that is handwritten, as her handwriting is MUCH better than mine. My future mother-in-law has helped with some our DIY aspects, as well, and my grandmother has created our wreaths for us that we will use on the front door.

One of my fiance’s best friends and groomsman is a talented musician who will be playing our ceremony music. He was willing to learn any of the songs we wanted to play at our wedding in order for us to have the wedding we wanted. I am so excited to hear him play (we’ve heard him play before) at our wedding!

A good family friend is doing my hair and make-up for my wedding. She works directly with our photographer and did my hair & make-up for my engagement pictures and I loved what she did. She can work some magic! My fiance’s cousin is doing my bridesmaids’ make-up, as she owns a make-up store (Merle Norman) and does makeovers/bridal make-up often!

My cousin finds old furniture and refurbishes it. She can literally take anyone’s junk and turn it in to something great. She took some drawers she had left over and created a “card box” for us, along with “necessity drawers” for the men’s and women’s bathrooms. Her work is amazing and I’m so excited to have a different look for our “card box” and “necessity baskets”.

I know I’m missing others who are, or who have helped, with our wedding, but I am very grateful for all of the help we have received from our loved ones. Our wedding (which is only 2 weeks away!!) wouldn’t be the same without all of help we received, and I’m so happy I got over my fear of asking for help.


Are you asking your family and friends for help?
If so, how are you they helping?


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