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From the moment I got engaged, I knew exactly who my bridesmaids were going to be (afterall, Nick and I have been together for over 8 years, so I’ve been planning this wedding in my head for about 7 years!). They were the first four girls I called once I had the ring on my finger.

When I called my sister to tell her the news, she said:

I’m your maid-of-honor, right???

Of course she was! She’s my only sister and my best friend. I had planned to ask her, but she took the words out of my mouth. I also planned to ask my 2 best friends and sister-in-law to stand beside me on our special day.


Me and my maids at Christmas time, this was taken 4 days before I got engaged! (from left to right, my sister in law, best friend A, sister, ME, best friend N). Image via me.

I still wanted to come up with a fun way of asking my girls to be my bridesmaids. I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie Bridemaids, so I thought I would gift that movie to all of my girls with a special twist:


Image via me.

I found the movies online from Amazon and purchased them for around $10 each. Then I found the movie cover online and brought it into Photoshop. Then, thanks to Facebook, I was able to find beautiful pictures of all my maids facing the way I needed them to. Since I only had 4 bridesmaids, I had to get rid of Melissa McCarthy on the cover, which I did using the clone stamp tool and then found a picture online with an arm to put on the hip of the girl on the far left since origianlly her arm was around Melissa McCarthy’s character. At the bottom of the movie cover, it already said SAVE THE DATE, so I Photoshopped the movie release date and replaced it with our wedding date: October 27, 2012!

All of my bridesmaid’s loved it! They already loved the movie and loved the personalized touch. It made for some good laughs when one of my maids glanced and the cover and said, “Oh, I love this movie!” and then did a double-take and gasped. I included the movies inside of a reusable gift bag (perfect size for your lunch – I found them at Michael’s for $1.50 each – I also used my teacher discount – you can get 15% off your entire purchase with your school ID) with a handmade card (supplies from A.C. Moore), tissues with their initial (Michael’s $1 bins), chocolates and the movie inside. I also made a little tag with their name and a fabric flower from some leftover craft supplies. The cost per bag was less than $15 (including the movie) and my bridesmaids got a kick out them!


Here is the card I made for them using inspiration from our wedding colors (black,white & green). I found a similar card online, but decided I could make my own and changed some of the text to be more fitting for me and my maids. The wording on the card says:

Will you be my BRIDESMAID?

Will you hold my hand on my wedding day?   Will you be my best friend, my sister, and my free counselor?  Will you help me pick out the perfect dress?  Will you dance the night away with me?  Will you stop me from registering for appliances you know I’ll never use and bite your tongue when I register for china you know I’ll never use?  Will you help me celebrate being single for the last time? Will you help me when I’m sad & overwhelmed and forgive me when I’m mad?  Will you please help make my special day as perfect as it can possibly be?  Will you be on your best behavior at my shower, smile endlessly for photos, and make sure no one gets too drunk?  Lastly, will you hold my dress when I have to pee?

The cards were easy to make and I’m happy to post a tutorial if you’re interested! bridesmaid

So, how did you/do you plan to ask your bridesmaids to stand by you on your wedding day?



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I'm Erin, a 29 year old teacher living in Baltimore, MD. I am marrying Nick who is obviously the love of my life, after 8 years together, Nick proposed on December 29, 2011 and we're getting married on October 27, 2012 in Ocean City, MD.

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  • So fun and creative!

    • Thanks, Maureen!!

  • Brittany

    What a cute letter! Did you write that for your friends? That is soooooo cute!

    • Brittany – I found the card itself on Etsy, but I ended up editing it to make it more appropriate for me and my bridesmaids.

      • I mean that I found the wording for the card on Etsy – sorry! I then typed it up in Word, edited and then found the font and layout I wanted.

  • I LOVE how this turned out!! Such a fun idea, Erin!

  • Katherine

    You are so creative! How did you do the photoshop?

    • Hi Katherine!

      Thank you! I pulled in the photos of my other maids into Photoshop and then used the magnetic lasso tool to cut out just their heads and made that it’s own layer (layer via copy). This way I could resize and tilt separate of everything else.

      To get rid of Melissa McCarthy, I used tools like the Clone Stamp Tool and the marquee tool and layer via copy to create an additional portion of the brick wall. If you want, I can email you the PSD file I used with all the layers – that might help to explain a bit better. Just send me your email.

      Erin 🙂

  • Aysha

    Hi, I love your idea!! Is there anyway you can email me the movie cover that you found online.


  • Erin

    What Photoshop program did you use?!

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