Asking Someone You Know to Officiate Your Ceremony

Hi, Brides 

The end is near, the end of 2015 that is! That means it is officially almost my wedding year and I have not officially asked my officiant to marry us (see what I did there )

If you read my post last week, you may remember that I’ve had a hard time picking out someone to perform our ceremony, but it has all come together! My Matron of Honor’s husband is who we plan to ask and this post is dedicated to how I am going to do it!

So – P is a super cool guy! We have grown pretty close over the past few years and I didn’t simply want to ask him over a double-date dinner if he would marry us. I mean, this is sort of a big deal! After giving it some thought (and with a little help from my BFF) I came up with the perfect plan.

P isn’t a heavy drinker, but he does enjoy a nice glass of Jameson and Ginger ale. In fact, that was his “groom’s drink” at his own wedding. Whenever I asked my bridesmaids to be stand by my side on my wedding day, I engraved champagne flutes with their first initial as part of their gift. I still have some (a lot) of that etching liquid leftover, along with the stencils that I used.

jameson whiskey - asking someone you know to officiate your ceremony

This process isn’t really that hard if you have the right tools. The stencils that come with the etching liquid are all good if you’re only needing to use them once, but if you’re going to take this project and apply it elsewhere (say for champagne flutes with several K’s and L’s), I would get the re-usable sticky stencils. They MUST BE VERY STICKY, trust me… I’ve learned the hard way. Any area that this etching liquid touches is going to cloud up, so make sure you seal the edges well!

Here is what I will need:
1 Bottle of Jameson Whiskey
1 Bottle of Etching Liquid
1 Package of Sticky Letter Stencils
1 Paint Brush

glass etching liquid - asking someone you know to officiate your ceremonyglass etching kit - asking someone you know to officiate your ceremony

FYI: I got all of my supplies from Hobby Lobby!

Next, I needed to figure out what exactly I wanted to script on the bottle. I used the lovely tool of Google, and really fell in love with “Will you marry us?” Cheeky, right?

I will come back and post a photograph of the finished product, along with some step-by-step images of the process so be sure to check back again! This is not only a great idea for asking your officiant, but also to ask your bridesmaids or for your future husby to ask his groomsmen!

What sort of ideas have you seen to ask people to participate in your wedding? Have you asked someone you know to officiate your ceremony? There are so many creative ones out there – post them in the comments below!


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