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So this summer, E and I are invited to SIX weddings! SIX! Last year we only went to one other than our own! I obviously LOVE weddings and I am very excited to attend all of the ones we've been invited to! But along with the fun aspect comes the financial aspect- attending weddings costs money. This post by Penguin on Weddingbee really struck a chord with me! Luckily I am not in the bridal party of any of the weddings this summer, but E is a groomsman in one of them. We are having to work gifts, attire, travel and such into our budget that is pretty tight as it is!

Let's think about this for a moment shall we?

Wedding gift + Shower gift + Bachelorette Party + Dress to wear to the wedding + transportation to and from wedding= $$$$$$$$

Multiply by six.

Oh, snap.

What's a budget savvy girl to do?

Attending Weddings

Here's some tips to help save money when it comes to attending weddings:


If the wedding is out of town, travel with a group! Call up your buddies and organize a carpool, you can go halfsies on the gas with another couple! Another great thing to do is split a hotel room- it could save you alot on your stay and could make for a fun little slumber party! Of course there's always the option of crashing on a friend's couch instead of booking a hotel, too!


When it comes to your outfit, you obviously don't NEED to buy a new one for every wedding. But I understand the fear of being tagged in pictures of Jenny's wedding on Facebook in the same outfit you wore to Sally's wedding the weekend before. Yikes- no one likes that feeling. But we all like our wallets feeling a little fatter, so try to choose classic solid dresses that you can jazz up with bold colored accessories like chunky jewelry, fabulous shoes, or a scarf. That way it won't be as noticable! You could always do a raid of your BFF's closet and trade outfits to save you both some moolah!


Of course you can forego the traditional wedding registry gifts and give the couple something more personal. Choosing a few smaller items and pairing them together in lieu of one big gift is great as well. Or you could even get a group of friends to go in on a bigger ticket item that you know the couple really wants to help everyone save a little cash. Also consider offering your talents to the couple if you posses a useful skill such as photography, flower arranging, design and stationery, catering, baking, DJing, etc! Many couples would love to have a friend help out on the big day!

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  • My favorite place to find a nice dress? My little sister’s closet! She’s a senior in high school this year, and has a lot of formal and semi-formal dresses from prom(s) and other dances. I’ve been able to borrow and wear them with just a few minor (a.k.a. homemade) alterations. 🙂

    Thanks for the tips!

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