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Attiring the wedding party

What should our attendants wear?  This is likely one of the topics Mr. M and I have discussed the most in our 2+ months of engagement.

We're keeping it pretty simple when it comes to the wedding party.  My maid of honor is my childhood best friend and the best man is one of Mr. M's college roommates and a friend of ours from Bible study and church during our college years.  My brother and Mr. M's sister will stand up with us too as Brother of Honor and Best Sister.

We both wanted to keep the attire as inexpensive as possible (both of our siblings are still in college, the best man is a graduate student, and the maid of honor just made a big move to a new city and a new job).

Once we established the the bridesmaids would be in champagne or cream, I began perusing the Internet for ideas.  I checked places like David's Bridal, Macy's, ModCloth, and Etsy.  I found a few dresses that I thought would be good options and passed them along to my bridesmaids to see what they thought.  Their (and my) favorite was this dress from Etsy that rings in at $60.  I'm guessing the total price for the dress will be about $75 when shipping and minor alterations are included.

Dress A was our choice and we're having it made in color #95.  Photo from: GoldenBridalsDresses.
Dress A was our choice and we're having it made in color #95. Photo from: GoldenBridalsDresses.

For Mr. M and his groomsmen, charcoal gray suits are on the agenda.  In June, I was in a wedding and the bride and groom ordered their groomsmen suits during a BOGO sale at Men's Wearhouse.  We're planning on watching for a sale, and then ordering accordingly.  And in addition to their groomsmen gift, we're going to gift them their ties as a thanks for buying the necessary clothes.

Charcoal Suits from Men's Wearhouse.
Charcoal Suits from Men's Wearhouse.

Have you been in a wedding where the bride and groom did a good job of choosing a budget-savvy option for you?

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