BSB Book Club

Love Your Wedding, Not Theirs

If Rachel Cruze’s new book, “Love Your Life, Not Theirs” was available when I was engaged, I know it would have been the motivation and inspiration needed to plan a budget-savvy wedding. Rachel’s book (which releases today) goes beyond the typical book about budgeting that covers staying out

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Product Review

Blooms by the Box Review!

Hello all!  It’s good to be back here and blogging as a MARRIED WOMAN!  Mr. M and I were married on May 25 and it was glorious.  I’m looking forward to sharing a recap very soon. Before sharing photos from the big day, I’m excited to

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Gifts + Registries

Giving Gifts at Your Wedding

Gift giving is most definitely one of my love languages.  Suffice it to say, buying gifts to give to our family and friends helping with the wedding has been one of my favorite activities.When selecting gifts, I’d recommend asking yourself the following questions: What role is

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Table Decor Run Through

I recently had my friend who is coordinating the reception set-up come to my house for dinner followed by a dry run for the centerpieces.  It was a good thing we practiced too.  Along the way, we figured out a few ways to make the set-up

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Parties + Showers

Throwing a Budget Savvy Shower

Not only is this a season of budget savvy wedding planning, it’s also a season for budget savvy wedding going! In the six weeks after our wedding, I have three weddings to attend and I’m a bridesmaid in two of those.  Suffice it to say, bridal

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Money Saving Advice

I Forgot to Budget Time

The wedding countdown is on.  As I’m getting into the nitty and the gritty of wedding planning, the big details have been taken care of and I’m getting down into finalizing details and making last minute purchases.  Crafting is coming along (more posts on that later

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Consider a DIY Veil

The title of this post would more accurately be “Why I decided to have my mom DIY my veil” as I’m not actually making the veil. WHO makes the veil isn’t as much the point of this post, but rather the WHY.  Here are some practical

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Wedding Inspiration

Five Helpful Pinterest Boards

Pinterest can be any bride’s best friend!  It’s especially important for the budget-savvy bride to ensure Pinterest is serving her, and not the other way around.  This tool can be completely overwhelming and I’ve realized it can be easy to rack up the bill as my mind fills

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