Marriage + Relationship

Sharing Household Chores

Today I’m not talking about something strictly wedding related, but something that has spared John and I probably hundreds of nights of bickering: The Chore Board. Whether you and your partner live together already or you’re about to after the wedding, part of a working marriage

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Wedding Planning Advice

Planning a Thoughtful Wedding

For most average people, their wedding day is the most expensive day of their life. We’re all budget savvy brides here, so we’re not as lavish as some couples—but still, the $10,000 that’s considered “budget” in this industry is a lot of money. This gives couples a

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Flowers and Decor

DIY Flowers: The Dry Run

Google tells me that the average cost for wedding flowers runs $1000-$2000. Well, even if I had an extra $2000 I wouldn’t be spending it on flowers, so John and I decided to DIY this part of the wedding. I love buying flowers for our house

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Meet Amber

Hi budget savvy brides! I’m so excited to get to share my wedding plans with you all over the next couple of months. I’ve been following BSB since—well, let’s be honest—since before we got engaged, so to now be a guest blogger is terribly exciting. Let

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