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Simple Succulent Wedding Favors

Thinking about gifts for your wedding guests? Of course you want something meaningful, something that represents you well and something your guests will keep around so that each time they see it they’ll remember that wonderful day when two souls were joined as one. That’s exactly

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Tough Subjects Wedding Planning Advice

Help Yourself!

Happy Wedding Week friends! Did you know there’s an entire week of the year dedicated to celebrating weddings? As a very wise friend of mine has recommended to me—you should milk it for all it’s worth!Anywho, before things get really wild and I start showing off

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Tough Subjects

Weddings for Wallflowers

Many girls love the attention and adoration that comes along with being a bride. You hear brides saying phrases like, “This is MY day,” or better yet, “This is supposed to be the best YEAR of my LIFE!” I’m only slightly exaggerating here. And while obviously

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Wedding Inspiration

A Modern Take on Traditional

To make this thing traditional and still keep it loose and original my goal is to uber simplify the details. I know it is every control freak’s ideal to have hands-on jurisdiction to each and every element for their big day, and that’s a feeling I

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Introducing Anna

My fiancé Addison and I have a crazy fateful story, which led us to a speedy engagement and a short timeline to prepare for the wedding! He and I worked together at a restaurant when I was going to college in 2011. We lost contact after

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