DIY Glass Etched Gifts

Last fall I attended a craft fair where one of the vendors was selling custom etched pint glasses and growlers, just a few weeks later one of my friends announced their engagement and I knew that a diy glass etched gift would be perfect for her and

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Wedding Decor

Pre-Wedding Test Run

Having done events for work I wanted to do everything I could to make things easy for the people helping set-up. As soon as all the decorations and supplies for the wedding arrived at our house we staged a pre-wedding test run and took photos at

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Stationery + Paper Goods

I Heart Vintage Postage

My love affair with vintage stamps started when my grandmother shared a box of cards, addressed-stamped-mailed, all dating from when she was a little girl in the 30’s. She had told me that opening the box would transport whomever opened it into a fair away time

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Wedding and Engagement Rings

Debunking Conflict Diamonds

The discussion of conflict diamonds, and the increase in jewelers advertising the availability of ‘conflict-free’ synthetic diamonds or ‘conflict-free’ Canadian diamonds has become a hot button issue since the release of the 2006 movie Blood Diamond. The movie contains many factual pieces of information  about the

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Alternative Ceremony Readings

Drew and I decided that we wanted to include a few special people in our ceremony by asking them to share a reading with our guests. One of the reading selections was easy, Oh the Places You’ll Go from Dr. Seuss. Drew’s family read this story every

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DIY Wedding Decor

DIY Marquee Letters

With just a couple weeks left till our wedding I’m final starting to find a bit of time to work on some of the more wish list DIY projects, like DIY Marquee Letters. I love the look of this ‘modern-vintage’ trend and wanted to find a

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Savvy Shopping

Groupon Your Wedding

Love them or hate them daily deal sites are full of the perfect discounts for your wedding day and are a lot easier to use then clipping coupons. Photo Credit: – Creative CommonsI love using Groupon, LivingSocial and TravelZoo for deals… and while it once led me to

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Wedding Inspiration

Branding Your Wedding

Putting together a look and feel for a wedding is not very far from putting together the look and feel for a brand, except for a wedding there are only two people to deal with which in theory would make branding infinitely simpler. I’m sure the

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Pop the Question to Your Bridesmaid

Inviting your best friends to stand beside you on your wedding day is a daunting task, particularly with all of the fun and potentially expensive ideas floating around on Pinterest. I wanted to find a fun way to invite all four of my bridesmaids that would

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New Bride Blogger: Anne

I am so excited to join the BSB team for the next few months as my fiancé and I count down to our wedding day. I first started reading BSB many years ago when one of my close friends was planning her wedding. The project ideas

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