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Oregon City Brunch Wedding

I’m back! I have to say the month leading up to (and after) your wedding goes very quickly. But I happened to luck out in several ways with our brunch wedding celebration. One by having absolutely beautiful, although crisp and chilly, weather for our outdoor ceremony,

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Cheap Centerpiece Project

I don’t consider myself a “crafty” person. I can’t knit or sew, I don’t scrapbook, and I stay away from paint. But I also knew part of planning a budget wedding would include some DIY. What I’ve realized is that I can be creative with items

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Wedding Decor

Wedding Guest book Ideas

One of the nice things about planning a wedding on a budget is not feeling obligated to do what is considered traditional. From the aspects you decide to cut out completely (we’re not having table numbers or favors) to things you decide to do a little

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Gifts + Registries

Are Registries Outdated?

Photo from I was reading an article online last week called “Stop the Scourge of Wedding Presents” about how the wedding registry system is outdated and encourages wasteful spending. The author brings up the valid point that most brides and grooms these days have already

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Why a Budget Wedding?

When I first got engaged I was absolutely floored to find out what the average wedding costs today. I immediately felt worried because I knew I wanted a wedding, and not to run off to Vegas or head to the local courthouse as some people suggested.

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