Gifts + Registries

From Daddy’s Little Girl

(Um… if you’re my dad don’t read this post until after July 5th!) As our wedding rapidly (and boy do I mean rapidly! Less than one month to go!) approaches, I’ve given a lot of thought to the gifts I’d like to give the people most

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DIY PROJECTS Wedding Decor

Paper Scroll Garland

Well, I did it. I DIY’d. The bride who only planned to DIY her cake. But I didn’t do it alone! Oh, no! I enlisted the help of my maid of honor/BFF, and, eventually, my fiance. A few weeks back, while looking for wedding decor inspiration

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Wedding Dresses

How I Said Yes to the Dress

I expected to like wedding dress shopping. I’m not sure why, since I don’t consider myself much of a shopper in everyday life. Occasionally I’ll get in the mood to shop, but it’s typically when I’m eating lunch at my desk and I get an email

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Meet Ashley: A Cart Before the Horse Bride

Hi, fellow BSBs! I’m Ashley, and I hope to entertain you over the next few months with my stellar wit and occasionally self-deprecating humor. Come, experience my trials and tribulations of planning a New York City wedding on a decidedly un-NYC budget! A few NY-centric things

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