Savvy Shopping

Budget Shopping is an Art: Part One

Budget shopping is an art….not a science.  There is no one way to score a deal.  However, getting great deals is more about timing, diligence, and your own perception of value than anything else.  Everyone likes a good deal, but you aren’t necessarily getting a good

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Tough Subjects

Budget Bride Blues

A couple of weeks ago, Jessica shared BuzzFeed’s comical post about the 39 Stages of Being a Bride. It was hilarious! I laughed so hard for the things I’d felt and the things I just knew were on the horizon. To be honest, I’d been a

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Wedding Budget

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

Bianca here, checking in with my first BSB post. Sherrod and I have been engaged for about three weeks now, and it’s funny how many times we’ve changed our plans. Our date has changed at least 7 times, with dates ranging from January to May. But

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