DIY Tutorial: Dollar Store Upcycled Bunting

During the first month of our engagement, my husband-to-be and I were browsing through the nearby unnamed dollar store, on the prowl for anything usable for our wedding. Most of the “wedding” section in these stores are full of sad fleur de lis patterned napkins, small plastic bubble bottles, and shoddy two piece

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DIY Wedding Decor

DIY Tutorial: Faux Milk Glass

Goodness gracious, has it been a whirlwind of a fortnight for the husband-to-be and me! Pre-hubs, as I’ve become accustomed to calling him now that we’re just two months away from our wedding day (Eek!), just started a new position in a city much closer to our friends, family, and wedding venue

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Money Saving Advice Vendors

Stumbling Upon Our Dream Venue

As a young girl, I was never the type to seriously plan out my wedding, but I always found peace in the country. Every great memory of parties and family gatherings took place among the trees. When the time came to start thinking about a wedding (basically after my first date with

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Frugal Fashion Wedding Dresses

Going Against the Gown

Before I tried on a single wedding dress, I knew the traditional long gown wouldn’t be for me. For starters, I’m just not a particularly traditional bride. My personal style has always been a little offbeat, a little vintage, and a whole lot of ME. I also know my limitations when it comes

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DIY Tutorial: Wooden Map Letters

We made our first decision after getting engaged to have our wedding near where we both grew up. Western Illinois holds a special place in our relationship, so naturally, we wanted to incorporate the geography of the region wherever we could. Every month or so, my husband-to-be and I travel four hours

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New Bride Blogger: Casey

Greetings and salutations! Newly minted bride blogger, Casey here! I’m incredibly excited to join the BSB community. For the past six months, I have turned to this fantastic group of brides for tips and tricks, and I can’t wait to share my own with all of you. My fiance, Travis, and I

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