Flowers and Decor

DIY Wedding Flowers

A friend of ours (Sandy) used to be a florist and graciously offered to help out TREMENDOUSLY with the labor on our flowers. For anyone familiar with the huge cost involved in flowers, this was a really big deal. We used non-floral centerpieces to save some

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Distressing Our Cupcake Stand

Consistently throughout our planning process, I tried to scour Craigslist on a regular basis. For the most part this didn’t work out for me too well, because I tend to exhaustively research to feel that I’ve found the “best deal.” By that time, typically the item

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Parties + Showers

A+ Bridesmaid’s Luncheon

I was initially not on-board with the idea of a Bridesmaid’s Luncheon, even though it didn’t directly involve any actual additional planning on my part.  Heck, I found myself Googling it to see what exactly it even was!  It seemed like extra trouble for my lovely

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Craft Day in Nashville!

Wedding day has come and gone, but while we’re waiting on our pro photos I will share some of our crafty adventures in DIY with you! I baited four close friends/bridesmaids with brunch & mimosas, and then roped them in for a good old fashioned craft-a-thon

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Keepin’ It Together

Eric was a groomsman in a wedding last summer, and a month before the wedding the Bride mailed a physical copy of an itinerary to everyone.  When we arrived at the Iowa wedding weeks later, a lot of the wedding party appeared to even have theirs with them.  Me

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Groom + Groomsmen Attire

Groomsmen Attire

Men are simple creatures really, so it’s much less complicated to dress them.  You basically have suits and tuxes, unless you do something out of the norm, which many do.  We decided to go with suits.  With it being potentially “hotter-than-the-blazes” in Tennessee in May, having

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Stationery + Paper Goods

Green Invites

My hands are cramped, my neck hurts (because naturally, I have to turn it a little sideways to write addresses straight), and I’m reminded of how horrible my handwriting is. This means– INVITATIONS ARE FINALLY HERE! WOO!!! Bridesmaid Whitney designed some fabulous green invites for us,

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Wedding Planning Advice

Kicked Back Rehearsal Dinner

As I’d mentioned in a previous post, our wedding takes place on the same date as two popular happenings in Nashville– Vanderbilt’s graduation, and Steeplechase. Both are presenting challenges for us in different ways as planning progresses, but not anything that we haven’t been able to

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Wedding Tech

The Dreaded Wedding Website

I really fought making a wedding website, but it just had to happen. In the past I’ve found it both cute and slightly annoying when people make the websites, have a drawn out ten page story about their first meeting, their first kiss, their this, their

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Tying Our Knot – Choosing an Officiant

  {photo by Henderson Photography} It seems to be fairly normal for some brides to come into contact with a few little “differences” in preference from parents/family, or traditional vs. non-traditional ways to go about things. THANK GOODNESS we’ve barely run into any of this at

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Bridal Party Gifts

Gifts for the Fellas!

As I’ve mentioned multiple times, Eric & I have both been in several wedding parties.  Eric has about four flasks that he’s received as gifts (some complete with engraved initials, some not), an engraved koozie, an engraved money clip, and some other items– all very thoughtful

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DIY Moss Monograms

With the wedding date closing in, I’m beginning to realize that instead of just buying supplies and PLANNING my DIY projects, I need to actually start completing them.  One of the first photos I had seen that that kind of set the tone for what I

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