DIY Guest book

After searching high and low for the right type of scrapbook for our diy guestbook, I finally found what I was looking for at Deserre’s art store. I was wandering around for hours looking at everything trying to decide on a theme for the guest book.

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Groom + Groomsmen Attire β€’

The Men from the boys

So last week I told you about the search for the ladies attire, today it’s all about the men (and the boys). From the start, my fiance and I agreed that we wanted to have a classy and unique wedding, so why overlook the mens attire?

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Bridesmaids Dresses β€’

The Girls & Gals

What I thought would be an easy task, has turned out to be the ultimate stresser in my wedding planning… I am always one to ‘take the bull by the horns’ so to speak, so I have a hard time waiting on other people to make

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Wedding Dresses β€’

Finding “The One”

You may think I’m going to tell you about how I found my man, but I’m actually going to tell you about finding my wedding dress! (Equally as important right?) Being a petite bride is tougher than it looks. Everyone comments about how small you are

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Wedding Inspiration β€’

Spring Wedding Plans

I have been saving inspiration photos for quite a few years, with a vision in mind of how I’ve always wanted my wedding to be. However, things change when you are planning your ACTUAL wedding and decisions need to be made. Here’s what we’re planning for

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Random β€’

Meet Bride-to-be from Toronto, Leah

Hello there Budget Savvy Brides! I will be one of the contributors over the next few months and am excited to share my journey through wedding planning with you. So let’s get to know each other… A little about us: My name is Leah, and I

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