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Lesley’s Wedding Photos!

Hello again budget-savvy readers! Lesley here, and I’m so excited to be back to share with you my WEDDING PHOTOS! Nate and I were married on New Year’s Eve, and we just got our pics back from the awesome Haaby Photography . I’m thrilled with the

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Post-Wedding Polaroids!

Hello, my lovelies! I’m now on the other side of the wedding planning chaos, and it is AWESOME! Being a Mrs. to a wonderful Mr. is just about the best thing I can imagine. Thanks so much to everyone for following my pre-wedding journey. We spent

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DIY PROJECTS β€’ DIY Wedding Decor β€’

Budget Savvy Repurposed Guest book

As a slightly non-traditional bride, there are many traditional wedding elements that I find rather blah and un-inspiring – one of those being the wedding guestbook. If I see another cutesy white satin fabric-covered book with GUESTBOOK sprawled across front in unnecessarily elaborate scroll script, I

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DIY Wedding Decor β€’ Wedding Decor β€’

DIY Rustic Centerpieces

Hello lovely! Ever since I saw this gorgeous rustic centerpiece back in July, I knew I wanted something similar for my wedding. I totally dig the charming feel and crafty use of book pages. (Aren’t wedding blogs great for this kind of inspiration?) [Source] However, we

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Honeymoons β€’

Honeymoon Retreat Plans

Ohhh, the honeymoon. How lovely to take a week away together in a gorgeous locale to celebrate your new marriage! Nate and I were originally thinking of taking a cheap-and-cheerful trip down to the Dominican Republic for a week – but as we quickly learned, traveling

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Lesley’s Engagement Photos

Nate and I had engagement photos taken in early October with the amazing husband and wife team of Mitch and Steph Haaby of Haaby Photography, and I am giggly happy with the results! I’ve been drooling over engagement shoots I’ve seen on Budget Savvy Bride and

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Beauty β€’

Lesley’s Great Wedding Hair Debate

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been collecting a plethora of images from blogs and magazines to inspire the design of your wedding – your dress, the decor, photography styles, etc. And while this can be a great part of your planning to help you

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DIY Wedding Decor β€’

Picture Frame Photobooth Project

Okay, I have a confession to make. Even though my background is in interior design, and I’ve been all rah-rah cheerleader-esque excited about DIY decorating projects for my wedding…secretly, I am TERRIFIED of them! The number of things I have to do in the next 2

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Random β€’ Venue β€’

Using a Church Venue

Hello my dears! As an interior designer, I’ve always had a love for unique buildings and great architecture. So when it came time for Nate and I to pick our wedding venue…well, surprisingly, we chose something that is neither unique nor great! Because we live in

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Wedding Inspiration β€’

Lesley’s Photobooth Love

I love love love the idea of a wedding photobooth – what a great way to get guest photos that capture the fun and energy of the event! I stumbled upon these photobooth pics recently and I am totally swooning over them. Damask wallpaper and old

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