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Meg’s Final Wedding Recap

Meg’s Wedding Recap Meg & Matt August 20th, 2011 Simi Valley, California What was your budget? If you are able, give us a rough breakdown of how you spent your budget. Our budget was $10,000, and it broke down like this: Venue: $2,750 Food: $1,360 Beverages:

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Wedding Inspiration β€’

Movie and TV Budget Weddings

I’m sure we have all been inspired by or enamored with a large, beautiful or extravagant wedding on the tv screen or on film, but I have a real fondness for the small or offbeat budget weddings, complete with a perfect soundtrack that pops up here

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DIY Wedding Decor β€’

Simple Framed Table Numbers

Before I post my final recap I wanted to write a little about our table numbers. My hubby wrote about them on his blog Math Goes Pop! and so I thought I would share as well. As I may have mentioned, my husband is a mathematician,

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Parties + Showers β€’

Let’s Rehearse!

So last we left off I was puking my guts out and feeling like death, but I was able to pull it together and get ready to rehearse Friday night. Luckily, my fabulous new in-laws took care of the rehearsal dinner, which they hosted at our

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Bachelorette Party β€’

Bachelorette Blunder

Before I start my wedding recaps I thought I would start at the very beginning of the wedding festivities, with my bachelorette party.Β  It happened on the Thursday night before our rehearsal dinner, two days before our wedding; the timing of this was due to my

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Random β€’

I Got Married!?

Hi there! So Matt and I got married this past weekend and it has been a CRAZY week. It went SO fast! I can hardly believe it’s over. I apologize for being so MIA and I promise as soon as we get back from our two

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DIY Wedding Decor β€’ Wedding Decor β€’

DIY Wedding Details

Now that you have seen our awesome invitations, I can show you this fun and easy project which can be used for all kinds of events! I originally saw this idea over on Evie S. for a yarn wrapped monogram. Even though it was intended for

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Beauty β€’

Bridal Beauty

I’ve always been pretty low maintenance. I like to look nice, but full make-up and hair on a daily basis is too much effort for me. I wear mascara every day, and I do get my face threaded every three weeks because if I didn’t I

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Wedding Dresses β€’

Wedding Dress Doom

I started dress shopping too early and it wasn’t exactly the most fabulous experience but I got through it and I have a dress and I will share my dress shopping experience with you in the hope that you learn from my mistakes! Even after being

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Bridal Party Gifts β€’

Ask Your Bridal Party

While Matt worried about which buddy he couldn’t include in his party I had the opposite problem. I only have a handful of really close friends and when Matt decided on 6 groomsmen I easily produced 4 but two more would be tough. We decided it

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Vendors β€’ Venue β€’

Venue Search Between SF & LA

Significant chunks of most brides’ budget revolve around a few key elements of a wedding: venue, food/booze, and photography. If you can save on one, two, or all three of these things you can really cut your costs and so Matt and I had a goal

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