Food + Beverage β€’

Tasty Decisions

Our wedding is going to be at 11 am on a Saturday morning. I hope all our guests can enjoy a warm and lazy summer Saturday while witnessing and celebrating with us. To that end, I didn’t want a fussy, sit down meal for our reception.

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Random β€’

Engagement Photos + A Guest book

I was thrilled that an engagement session was part of our wedding photography package. However, my Mr. Wonderful just isn’t one who enjoys having his picture taken and I knew a whole photo shoot of us wouldn’t work out well. So I asked if we could

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Wedding and Engagement Rings β€’

Bling It On!

It is so exciting when a relationship comes to the point of looking at rings together and talking about a style. I let Mr. Wonderful know that I would like something in the white gold/platinum color and very sparkly with a vintage feel. When he got

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