Tough Subjects

Cut the Guest List

{source} It’s a frequent piece of advice given to budget brides: cut the guest list! Many venues also limit the number of attendees which can determine a couples’ guest list limits. But how do you go about not inviting people? We’ve been struggling with this lately.

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Food + Beverage

Cute, Easy Cupcakes

{source} When our cupcake-making friend fell through, we were five months out with no dessert booked. After briefly considering taking it on myself (I make 30 cupcakes from time to time… how hard can 150 be??) and then being, thankfully, talked out of that by my

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Random Craigslist Photographer

Photography is another one of those things that we’d like to have, but we’re not super picky about. We knew that we did not want to spend thousands of dollars on photography, but we also didn’t want to pay for really terrible photos. We toyed with

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Random Venue

Historic College Campus Venue

I mentioned in my last post that we’d already booked our venue, and that it was the only one on our radar. This is mostly true. Originally when we got engaged, we had planned to be married in my hometown in the midwest. I wanted to

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Wedding Planning Advice

A Wedding Planning Philosophy

Where to start?! So, I am ten months out from my wedding. According to the all-encompassing wedding checklist I’ve been using, I should already have created my wedding budget, decided what my top priorities are, gotten my final guest count, booked my ceremony and reception sites,

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Meet Bride Blogger Rowenna!

Alright ladies, this is our last new guest blogger for a while, so please give her a warm welcome! Rowenna is super practical when it comes to her wedding planning and I definitely love her no muss, no fuss attitude! She definitely represents a very common

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