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I grew up with an intense arts and crafts room in my house, so I am always intrigued by a crafty challenge. While my curiosity far exceeds my capabilities, I still like to try my hand at what I can.

Being I am writing to you here, I think it is safe to say that we love wedding blogs. Am I right? When I got engaged I started with and then I happily expanded my horizons onto bigger and better things. I eventually had to start a google document to keep track of all the links to beautiful inspiration that I came across [I definitely recommend doing this!].

From the very beginning I knew I wanted to have a rustic/casual/indie wedding [how vague do those words sound?]. I wanted lots of cute and unique touches with the homespun feeling New England always offers as well as my own twist.

I quickly found the perfect harmony of these components in an adorable reception decoration; the pennant banner!

Unfamiliar? Familiarize!

pennant banner
Here with a lot of different fabrics acting as wall/window decoration.


pennant banner
Here actings as the dessert table decor


pennant banner
Here with stamped letters, how cute!


After seeing all of these pictures I quickly determined I could very easily figure this specific crafty decoration out. I popped over to my local Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked out two different bolts of fabric that would coordinate with my grey and yellow color scheme. I randomly decided on a yard and a half of each color and I was merrily on my way!

pennant banner
Supplies: Sewing machine, iron, fabric, measuring tape, scissors, pins

 With pencil in hand I marked out triangles that were 6.5″tall and 5″ wide on both selections of fabric. After that I cut a strip of fabric 1″ wide and as long as the fabric was cut [1.5 yards]. I carefully ironed the strip in half long ways, allowing for a crease to be formed to hold the tops of the triangles I had cut. I pinned each triangle, alternating colors, into the creased strip I had just made.  Finally, I ran the pinned pennant banner through the sewing machine and VOILA! A beautiful pennant banner.

pennant banner
Completed banners!
pennant banner
Annndd a little more eye candy, I couldn't resist.

Easy Peasy right? It really didn't take that long to figure out, and once I started I was on a roll. I was a pennant banner factory and caught up on missed television at the same time! I am definitely planning on a few more DIY projects and I can't wait to let you guys know how they turn out!

Any DIY projects you've been working on?

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  • Lucy

    How fabulous! Over here in the UK bunting (at least that's what I know it as!!) has a long tradition of being around for weddings, celebrations, street parties etc- a lot of shops were selling it for the Royal wedding last year and my mother remembers when she was little that every time there was a jubilee, or a coronation, a wedding or a village fete in her village- out would come the same string of bunting!!
    It's lovely to see that you've had a go at making your own though- it can be so expensive to buy so I was thinking of trying to make my own, but unsure of how hard it would be!! You've inspired me that maybe it's not too bad after all!

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