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Before I start my wedding recaps I thought I would start at the very beginning of the wedding festivities, with my bachelorette party.  It happened on the Thursday night before our rehearsal dinner, two days before our wedding; the timing of this was due to my cousin, a bridesmaid, who could not make it to Los Angeles until that evening. Wanting everyone to be there, we decided to do it that Thursday. Bad idea!

Don't get me wrong, the party was a blast. I knew I didn't want to drink a lot though, and I told my bridesmaids this! Yet somehow, I ended up hammered! Ok, I admit, it was my own fault, but it shouldn't have happened!

bachelorette party
Before the drinking began

We started with drinks and appetizers at the Sonoma Wine Garden on the top floor of Santa Monica Place. We had a nice view and amaaaazing truffle french fries. By the time we left for our dinner reservation I had a good buzz going and was foolishly ready for more, so at dinner at Manchego my wine glass was constantly being refilled. The tapas were delicious but by that 6th or 7th glass of booze I probably couldn't really appreciate them.

bachelorette party
feelin' good and ready for tapas

We decided to keep drinking (why!?) and walked to the nearby Victorian where there is a speakeasy underneath the restaurant. It was a super cool place where I was handed several shots, and by the end of the night I was telling everyone how much I loved them, yeah, super embarrassing.

bachelorette party
having way too much fun

I woke up the next morning with the worst hangover of my life. Not only that but my body was so angry with me that it decided to purge itself of everything left in it and anything I attempted to put in it in order to soothe it. I lay in bed for six straight hours and couldn't keep anything down! Meanwhile my super amazing fabulous husband-to-be was gathering everything we needed to bring to our venue and loading it into the van to transport and set up in Simi Valley. I had to pull it together for the rehearsal dinner that night, which I managed, but it was a rough day.

bachelorette party
what the?

My full senses and focus never really returned to me that weekend, which I think contributed to the blur factor of our wedding, but hey, what can you do! A good time was had by all and I am grateful that I can remember the whole night. But let this be a warning to you brides to be, DO NOT have your bachelorette party within a day or two of your wedding and/or rehearsal! You need at least a full day of recovery time. And bridesmaids, DO NOT let the bride drink too much! Also, avoid mixing alcohols, I think that contributed to the stomach issues.

bachelorette party
I'm talking to YOU!

Did anyone else make this mistake or am I just foolish?

bachelorette party

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  • Wedding Favors

    I love the bachelorette party. Really cool stuff.

  • Beth

    I totally understand how that could happen. Just got married on Aug 13 and had my bachelorette day the thursday before and didn't have any problems. We rented a boat with a waterslide, went wine tasting and then to a delicious mexi dinner. A little drinking all day, but never hammered and the rule all weekend was tons of bottled water. I think a lot of the intoxication level depends on the bachelorette activities. Glad it was a fun day for you though!

  • Ashley

    Hi Meg. Congratulations on your marriage. I have loved reading about all your ups and downs in wedding planning. I am in the early, early stages, just starting to think about a venue. I had a question for you about your venue hunt post. I was wondering how you found your venue on craigslist? What section did you look in? We like the idea of an estate. We are looking to get married in southern CT. Any idea of where to look in craigslist? Thanks for your help!

    • Meg

      Thanks Ashley, Congrats! I think I looked under the housing section on craigslist, such as vacation rentals. Also under community and services. You can search whole sections on the left side of the homepage using key words like "venue" or "estate" or "event rental". You may also want to try vacation rental websites like
      Hope this helps! Good luck!

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