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I'm going to be honest- I wasn't so excited to come back from vacation. (Big surprise, right?) I mean, would you want to leave a view like this?

Back From Vacation destin florida

Destin was beautiful- the weather was great and it was really a relaxing vacation- just what we needed! Getting home was another story- E & I came home to an apartment that was around 90 degrees!! Apparently our A/C went out over the weekend while we were gone. Poor Steve Perry was shedding everywhere and crying… we're lucky he didn't die of heat stroke! I had a coworker checking in on him while we were gone so he had plenty of water, thankfully! Here's a sweet pic of Steve Perry I took because I just don't share enough Steve Perry around here! 🙂

Back From Vacation steve perry

Yes, this is his happy face.
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  • woo-hoo! you’re back! sounds like you had a rad vacation! my BFF and i started our own wedding blog. it’s only in the beginning stages. tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions please.


  • Guilty Secret

    Glad to hear you had a lovely time and congrats on the award! I’m looking forward to checking out some of your faves…

  • Welcome Back! I’m sure it was hard to leave the beach, it looks beautiful!

    Thank you, I am so honored to be one of your picks! I’m glad to have been one of your “original” readers now that you have taken over the blogosphere! 🙂 Always love your creative ideas.

  • kay*

    aww! thanks for such kind words :o) i’m honored to be one of your first commenters :o) cause your blog has definitely taken off – so much creativity – i cant wait to see how the big day all comes together

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