Bake Fest

Things are certainly trucking along here in wedding planning land. I thought I’d share a few photos of a recent get together with some special ladies. Julie’s Wedding Sweatshop: Round Two…The Bake Fest. Much like the last “wedding sweatshop” [the images seem to have disappeared from the post on this site, so I've linked to my own blog] my mum hosted, the festivities were up in Camrose and we had plenty of very helpful hands on deck.

We are opting out of a traditional wedding cake…we’re not even going for cupcakes or macaroons. Instead we’re offering up an impressive array of tasty [& budget friendly!] home baked goods. On the menu: classic chocolate chip cookies, triple gingersnaps, cookies and cream truffles, DL’s famous brownies, the family’s favorite lemon squares from my grandma and three flavors of cake bites – chocolate & peanut butter, carrot cake and cream cheese as well as lemon and dark chocolate. HOLY MOLEY.

Of course, since it’s a camping party, there will also be s’mores…and a few flavors of hobo pies! [a brilliant idea from our wedding planner Callandra]

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A big thanks to the most amazing lady around, my MUM, DL! Also, my fantastic aunts Marian and Val for all the help in the last couple months…these two gals have been an incredible help with all these projects. Also my lovely friend, Katie who helped conceive this bakefest idea and made the journey to Camrose to help out. I also need to mention both my Grandma and Adam’s mum – neither of which were able to be onsite for the projects, but would have been there in a second if circumstances allowed…either way, they’ve also both offered so much great help throughout all our ambitious wedding projects.

ps. I’m so sorry if this little photo-collage gives you the mid-afternoon munchies. I’ll be 100% upfront and mention that I did, indeed, sneak into our freezer and grab just one cake bite to enjoy while I prepped these photos. I promise, Mum, only one.


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