My Baseball-Themed Bridal Shower


Last week, I was able to fly to Pennsylvania to do some last-minute wedding planning.Β  The time there was a complete whirlwind, but the highlight was absolutely my baseball-themed bridal shower!

The Invitation and Baseball-Themed Program
She used baseball decor from her home to decorate the room
My Maid of Honor used baseball decor from her home to decorate the room

My bridesmaids drove from 2-6 hours to meet in my hometown and throw me a perfect party.Β  My Maid of Honor and I are both huge baseball fans, so she took this as an opportunity to make everything baseball themed.

The centerpieces!
The centerpieces–peanuts as a vase filler!

When I walked in, I was blown away by what an amazing job they did.Β  The plates were baseball diamonds, the place mats were cut put pieces of turf, baseball signs and t shirts hung on the wall and transformed this plain church room into a baseball fan’s dream.

The tables!
The tables!
Baseball cookie favors!
Baseball cookie favors!

Since I have been planning long-distance, I wasn’t expecting to have a bridal shower.Β  My amazing Maid of Honor, however, said she was planning one for me whether I attended or not.Β  I am so glad that she convinced me that it was worthwhile to fly home!

Even the food was ballpark themed!
Even the food was ballpark themed!

Most of my friends and family were able toΒ  make it, so it was wonderful to see everyone and hear how excited they were for the wedding.

I got a question wrong--a handful of big league chew
I got a question wrong.

We played a few games, but since the bridesmaids were kind, they limited my involvement to trying to answer a series of questions and trying to match Kyle’s answers.Β  Fitting the baseball theme, I had to chew a wad of Big League Chew every time I got an answer wrong.

me and my mom
me and my mom

My bridal shower was so much fun and I am so grateful that I was able to have one.

(Thank you Steph, Sarah, and Brenna!)

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