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Beach Wedding Colors

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beach color scheme

I knew from early on the general color scheme that I wanted for our beach wedding, and I knew Adam would probably agree because it’s his favorite color: blue! The thing is, there are about 42 million different shades of blue and I really didn’t care too much which we used as long as it didn’t blend in too much with the ocean. I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration for beach wedding colors!

beach wedding colors - blues and orange

Image Source: Design Seeds

I loved looking at design seeds for different colors that worked well together.

beach wedding colors - turquoises

Image Source: Design Seeds

I liked champagne and grey for bridesmaids dresses, but I thought they might be lost against the sand. I thought about a coral or yellow for the dresses as well, but blue and aquas are more our thing and it just happened to work out better.

beach wedding colors

Personal Photo

I used this picture I took when I was visiting family in Florida to create a color palette. I just went on PicMonkey and used the color selecting tool for different colors in the beach photo. I thought I was just going to have my bridesmaids choose the dress of their choice that was somewhere in the color scheme I had in mind…but then the dresses went on sale and everyone ended up going with the same dress! I haven’t really done too much else with these colors yet, except for choosing what the wedding party will be wearing.

The groomsmen are going to be wearing white linen shirts with kind of a plaid cuff and lining that has a similar color to the bridesmaids dresses in it. I also want to incorporate these colors in my bouquets (that I’m hoping to make myself and bring to Mexico- soo any advice there would be awesome!), and some of the simple decorations we’ll have at the reception.

We might even bring this destination wedding color palette back to the home reception, haven’t decided on that one yet.

How did you choose the colors for your wedding?


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