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Last week our Save the Dates went out in the mail. Dropping them in the mailbox was definitely one of those, “Wow! I am really getting married!” moments. It was scary and exciting and there were definitely lots of butterflies in my stomach.

We debated about sending out Save the Dates and whether having a February wedding meant it was more or less necessary to send them. One side said that there would be very little competition from other weddings and events in February, so our guests would need less notice. The other side said that February weddings are so weird (at least in Ohio!!) that lots of notice would be appreciated to make arrangements and alternative plans for snowy, yucky weather. Yes, both sides exist in my own head and were battling each other for weeks. Oh the joys of wedding planning…

We eventually decided to send out Save the Dates, not because either argument won, but because when I got back our engagement pictures back from my talented bridesmaid, photographer Courtney Elson, I wanted to share them! Save the Dates seemed like the easiest way to share one of those pictures.

Price was also a deciding factor. While I was debating I received an email from Vistaprint that had several discounts and coupons, one of which was a deal on postcards. I’ve never used Vistaprint and the deal sounded a bit too good to be true, but I decided to risk it and place the order.

Here are the STDs we created using a combination of our own photo-editing software and the Vistaprint website software.


Save the Dates


Save the Dates

100 postcards from Vistaprint: $31.74 ($0.32 each, included $1.50 for a .pdf proof, full-color front, B&W back)

Postage: $19.74

Total STD Cost: $51.48

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the postcards. Vistaprint definitely exceeded my expectations!  Check out some special deals going on right now at Vistaprint.

This is my honest opinion about Vistaprint and their products based on my recent purchase. I did not receive any compensation for this review. And for more details about my photographer, Courtney Elson, email me at I’ll be posting more about our engagement pictures soon!

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  • Celia

    oh my goodness! that is the most adorable couple photo i have ever seen! it is so sweet!!

  • I was thinking about doing that, too! I'm glad that they turned out for you because that is definitely encouraging!! 🙂

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  • Liz

    LOVE vistaprint! I have used them many times. The STD’s look great! I really like the astericks with the note about the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and whatnot =)

  • Adara

    Guys, this deal sounds great, but let me warn you about Vistaprint…several people I know have gotten screwed by a scam that Vistaprint allows to tack on to the end of their transactions. All I’m saying is, watch your bank/credit card statements after you order from Vistaprint….=(

  • Gayle

    Your save the dates turned out really nicely! congrats! 🙂

  • Jess

    Becky, these look GREAT! I have used Vistaprint before without problems, but we used Overnight Prints for our save the date magnets and for 250 the total was $70.72 with shipping and handling because they were having a September special. I was very pleased with both services! Seriously Becky…love love love!

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