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If I had to describe our wedding day with one word and one word only, I would have to choose flawless.  Every fear I had going into this day about things going wrong and people causing trouble was washed away the second I sat down in our hairdresser's chair.  But I think we have to back up a little bit so you can really see why nothing that day could bother me.

We decided the week of the wedding would be a PERFECT week to close on a house!  So, Monday we signed the papers and (thankfully) put off moving until we came back from the honeymoon.  On Tuesday I had my first hair test run.  It was a complete disaster!  It took three hours for the woman to even acknowledge my presence and it took everything in me to not bridezilla her.  She WAS my sister's boss, so for the sake of my sister's job, I had to keep my mouth shut.  We cancelled everyone's hair appointment and panicked to find someone else.  Wednesday, one of my bridesmaids dropped out.  This was expected, though, the timing was awful though.  Thursday was crazy at work to make sure everything was finalized before a week vacation.

So you can see why going into Saturday I was a little worried.  Let's not forget the large amount of alcohol that would be pouring.

We found a new hairdresser (who actually offered my sister a new job) and I think that appointment set the tone for the whole day.  Relaxed and peaceful.

After our hair appointment, we headed to the ceremony location for lunch and pictures.  (All photos are courtesy of Derek Shane Fotos).

2013-05-25 13.26.342

2013-05-25 13.38.522

Do you remember my DIY IKEA bouquet?

2013-05-25 14.01.22

2013-05-25 14.05.032

Every single person that told me to enjoy the day because it would go by quickly were 100% right.  All the sudden it was time to get married.  It was time to take a walk down the aisle and to see how all of this planning came together.  Guess who suffered from stage fright?  Yep, I did.  My dad thought it was nerves, but it was standing up in front of everyone that gave me the shakes.

2013-05-25 14.24.072

2013-05-25 15.07.102

2013-05-25 15.51.512

The ceremony was finished in a flash!  We were walking back down as Mr. & Mrs. and it was time to celebrate with everyone we love.  We gave guests time to get to the reception location or go back to the hotel for a freshen up while the bridal party and immediate family headed out to this amazing mill for pictures

2013-05-25 15.53.052

I love the above picture so much!

2013-05-25 16.02.512

2013-05-25 17.12.232

We headed to the reception and danced the night away.  I dont think I left the dance floor once.  Our food was amazing, the cake (the one bite I had before it was GONE) was so tasty, and nothing terrible happened.  Speeches were great, behavior was at its best, and everyone told me they had a great time!  I call that a big success!

2013-05-25 17.25.002

2013-05-25 17.33.382

2013-05-25 18.04.592

Days after the wedding on our honeymoon, I was struck with a little sadness.  I missed the planning, I missed the party, I missed how the reception looked.  I missed it all!  I even cried about how I wanted to plan weddings for the rest of my life.

2013-05-25 18.49.522

For a little fun, we bought tons of hats from Goodwill so guests could wear as picture props.  My dad during his speech

2013-05-25 19.54.542

2013-05-25 18.06.472

My window wall from old, trashed windows -cell pic
My window wall from old, trashed windows -cellphone picture
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I'm Heather, a 28 year old Tradeshow Account Executive living in Atlanta, GA. Matt and I have been together 8 years and plan to be married May 25, 2013 at our rustic wedding in Atlanta.

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  • Ashley

    Can you tell me about your DIY bouquet?

    • HeatherG

      Yes! I actually bought all of the flowers at IKEA and made the pearl clusters myself. I bought different color pearls and floral wire from the craft store. I cut the wire to the length I was after and slid a pearl to the middle of the newly cut wire and twisted it on. It took a while, but nothing you couldnt do while sitting in front of the tv.

      The whole project cost $30 and now I have it on display in my dining room.

  • Ashley

    Cool! I didn’t know IKEA sold flowers! I will have to check it out!

  • What a beautiful wedding! I could easily see this in a magazine feature. The decor turned out beautifully, and you sure lucked out with that venue. Glad that with all the last minute bumps you can look back and see the event in such a positive light.

  • Everything truly turned out STUNNING, Heather!!! Great job!!

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