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Best Day EV-ah?

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Heather McCoy
Crazy as the whole process may be, I guess I’d like my wedding to be something like outro of Bridesmaids.

When people know you’re planning a wedding, you often hear things like “Oh, how exciting! Your wedding is the best day of you’re life!”

I get it. I do. People are excited about weddings in general. People see weddings as a time of renewal, of hope. Hearing about other people’s weddings brings back fond memories to those who have already gotten married, and it brings hope to people who haven’t made it to that point (but would like to).

But the best day of my life? Never mind that we’re planning the biggest, most expensive party we’ll ever throw. Even then, the best day of my life?!

No pressure or anything.

It’s comments like this that make me want to hold off on getting married forever. If the day you get married is truly the best day of your life, what is the point of getting married at all? It’s all downhill after that!

Of course I haven’t had the wedding day yet and therefore can’t comment on how I’m going to feel about it (although, thanks to Disney, I’m sure I’ve developed unrealistic expectations about the whole thing), but I bet that I can think of a number of other moments throughout my life that are equally as memorable, even if far less epic. Moments like my college roommate’s 21st birthday, where I knew everyone at the 20-or-so person table and heartily enjoyed the company. Moments like our first anniversary, where were we excited our inner child and indulged the posh urban sophisticate sides of ourselves.  Times like small-town shopping with friends for Christmas–complete with a gentle snowfall and horse-drawn carriage rides. Moments that make me feel surrounded by people and love and fun and excitement. Moments that are what I hope my wedding to be like, I suppose.

So will the day I get married be the best day of my life? I hope not. But at least it will be one hell of a party.




Heather McCoy

is a lifelong learner who works in higher education and overanalyzes everything. She got married in May 2012 - read her wedding planning posts here.