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Best NFL Stadiums for Proposals

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Wondering where the best stadium is to propose? Check out this data from Betway.


Getting on the waiting list for season tickets isn’t the only lifelong commitment you can make at an NFL stadium. With football season coming to its exciting peak, many fans plan to propose to their special someone at an upcoming home game. Thanks to new data, we now know which stadiums are best for those planning to pop the question.

You know how your team ranks against others on wins, losses, ties, and passing yards, but how does it compare regarding marriage proposals?

Romance on the Gridiron: Top 10 NFL Stadiums for Proposals

Calling American football a pastime would be to overlook the massive significance it brings to many households. In many relationships, a love of the sport is a building block of the love for one another. In cases like these, a big-screen proposal on gameday can be an incredibly romantic gesture and a story for the ages. But not all stadiums are created equal.

New research from Betway provides a definitive ranking.

Betway contacted all 30 NFL stadiums to gather data on rules for proposing there, how much it costs, and what you get for your money. Their rankings factor in granular cost impacts, including your game ticket, parking, putting a message on the big screen, a romantic meal, and a hotel stay nearby. Of course, the cost of the engagement ring is not included.

Researchers combined and weighted these factors to distill a single score for each stadium and establish a ranking system.

Intriguingly, the rankings show no bias for a team’s region, division, or record. The top-ranked proposal stadiums feature teams from all over the country and the league standings, and the same is true for the bottom.

According to Betway’s rankings, the top 10 NFL stadiums for proposals are:

  1. TIAA Bank Field – Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Ford Field – Detroit Lions
  3. FirstEnergy Stadium – Cleveland Browns
  4. State Farm Stadium – Arizona Cardinals
  5. U.S. Bank Stadium – Minnesota Vikings
  6. M&T Bank Stadium – Baltimore Ravens
  7. Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis Colts
  8. Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Atlanta Falcons
  9. Acrisure Stadium – Pittsburgh Steelers
  10. Empower Field at Mile High – Denver Broncos

Naturally, there are many factors of a proposal that you cannot measure. For example, no one can rank your favorite team’s importance to you and your sweetie, its role in building your relationship, or the memories you have made watching those games. So there’s no need to scrap your elaborate plans if your team didn’t make this list. 

The Good, the Bad, and the Raiders

In addition to the core data and ranking of all 30 stadiums, the Betway research highlighted numerous other insights.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, ranked first on the list for their impressive numbers, also provide a rewarding overall experience. The team proudly celebrates its fans’ special days, such as birthdays, first time attending a game, and proposals. One way they do so is by offering guests complimentary “brag buttons” to let everyone know about your big occasion so they can join in on the fun!

Not featured on the list above is the most expensive NFL field for proposals, Allegiant Stadium. For $2,008.42, you can have your proposal featured live on the video board during a Las Vegas Raiders game in front of 65,000 of your fellow fans. The upside is that all proceeds from these sales benefit the team’s charitable wing, the Raiders Foundation.

Of course, the price point isn’t everything. Betway highlights MetLife stadium, joint home of the New York Jets and New York Giants, and U.S. Bank Stadium, the Minnesota Vikings’ stomping grounds, as offering a slew of other enticing benefits for prospective betrothals. These include additional display opportunities and fan merchandise included with your purchase.

If jumbotron recognition is central to your proposal plans, steer clear of Lambeau Field and AT&T, NRG, and Paycor Stadiums. The Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, and Cincinnati Bengals do not allow fan announcements on the scoreboard. Of course, you can still find a unique, magical way to propose at these games, but you’ll have to do it without the help of a 160-foot-wide jumbo screen.  

Yet Another Way Your Team is Better Than The Packers

As all football fans know, discrete, measurable stats are essential to the sport. Without them, how could we decisively prove that our team is superior to our division rivals? Fortunately for many fans, marriage proposal advantage may be a gold mine yet untapped to this purpose.

However, if you plan to pop the question at an upcoming home game, try not to sweat the data too much. What matters is creating a magical moment together in a place that matters to you both, not how much you paid for parking.

Football stats are for flexing on other fans, not for shaping your life decisions. Your proposal is about you and your partner making one of the most significant commitments of your life in a setting that suits you both and makes both of you feel special. If that setting happens to be one of the country’s top NFL stadiums for proposals, that’s just icing on the cake.

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