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The Best Wedding Registries in 2022

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Need help choosing the best wedding registry for you and your partner? Check out this list of our top suggestions for wedding registries in 2022.


Over the last decade of running this website, many different wedding registries have come and gone. We’ve seen those stuck around change and/or update their offerings. So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to discuss the state of the registry space and share the best wedding registries of 2022.

We want to give all the couples who are currently planning the best and most up-to-date information about wedding registries so they can choose the one that’s best for their needs.

From traditional store registries to online universal registries, unique wedding registries to the newest hybrid options… if you’re wondering what in the world to make of all the new registries available to you, we’re breaking it down!

Just check out our recommendations, and in just a few seconds, you’ll be able to figure out where to start your wedding registry!

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The Best Wedding Registries in 2022

Below, we’ll break down the top registries in each category so you can find the one that aligns most with your needs and your values!

honeymoon registries - honeyfund

Best Experience Registry:


It’s 2022, and let’s face it — you’ve got more than enough stuff. Honeyfund’s honeymoon registry (since 2005) combines zero to low fees, best page design tools, awesome added features like gift cards, universal registry, and store registries linking into a one-stop solution. It’s also a no-brainer if you LOVE to travel.

honeymoon registries - zola

Best Registry App:


Zola’s app is like Tinder for your wedding registry. Swipe to register for high-end products from the comfort of your phone! Zola also combines physical gifts, experiences, and cash to offer you a great amount of flexibility in your gifting choices.

  • Learn more about using Zola for your wedding registry

Best Store Registry:

Bed, Bath & Beyond

If you’d rather register in person, Bed Bath & Beyond is the place to go. It’s just way more fun and less stuffy than a traditional department store. They have so many gadgets it’ll make your head spin! Plus traditional china, silver, and homewares you may need to upgrade.

amazon wedding registry

Best Everything Registry:


Amazon’s registry lets you register for anything that can come in an Amazon box (and beyond, thanks to their universal registry option.) There are always great product promotions and completion discounts. Check out all the reasons why we love the Amazon Wedding Registry.

  • Learn more about the perks of registering at Amazon

Best Budget Registry:


You shop there, you love it, and most likely, your guests do, too. Target has perfected the perfect balance between affordability and quality. That’s why couples and guests alike love Target for affordable wedding gifts, awesome registry perks, and of course, convenience. Learn more about the benefits of a Target Registry in our registry review.

honeyfund gift card registry

Best Gift Card Registry:


Thinking of making everyone’s life easier and just rocking some gift cards? With Honeyfund, you can register for popular gift cards from travel, retail, dining, and entertainment brands in a few minutes. Best of all, there are ZERO fees!

Choosing the best wedding registry for you

1. Discuss your priorities

Have you and your partner discussed your priorities and values for your lives together? If you’ve already got a fully stocked and furnished home, perhaps choosing a honeymoon or experience registry is best for you.

2. Consider your needs

Take an inventory of the items in your home(s) that are old, out of date, low-quality, or could use a replacement. Register for items that “uplevel” the things you own that aren’t of the best quality.

3. Weigh the options and make a choice

Once you’ve identified your life priorities and any furnishing needs, select the best wedding registry option to help you fulfill those goals! Using the list above, you should have a pretty great jumping-off point to make this decision.

More about Wedding Registries

Be sure to read our other registry reviews for Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Zola and more.

Which wedding registry will you choose for your big day? Let us know in the community!

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