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Birdcage Cardbox

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Leah S

One of my DIY’s was our birdcage cardbox. It’s very simple, but it’s just something that adds a little personal touch, rather than using the one that the hall offers (that you know hundreds of bride’s have already used).

My mom had an old decorative birdcage hanging in our living room that she was going to get rid of, so I quickly claimed it and added a little bit of ribbon to match our colour scheme.

birdcage cardbox

I removed the ‘door’ from the front and cut some of the wooden spokes to make the hole wide enough to fit a large card. I used the leftover ribbon from other projects to add some decorative interest.

birdcage cardbox


Birdcage – Free

Ribbon – Leftover from other projects

Total cost: $0.00

Now I’d say that a budget savvy DIY!

birdcage cardbox

Leah S

is a Toronto Bride who got married in 2012. You can read her wedding planning posts here.