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There will not be any new wedding-related content here on BSB today, as a gesture in protest of the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill that threatens our freedoms in terms of the internet. If this bill passes, it could have a detrimental effect on many Americans who have built their lives running online businesses. Although advocates of SOPA claim it targets foreign pirates, the Electronic Frontier Foundation reports that “broad definitions and vague language” allow the bill to shut down legitimate US websites without due process. Basically, it says they can ‘black-list' or shut down any website found with infringing content or even as little as links to a website or content that is deemed to be ‘infringing', regardless of whether or not the site owner posted the content or link. Yikes.

As a blogger, this could mean the blocking or shut-down of your site without your consent, taking away your livelihood. As a reader, this means you wouldn't be able to see your favorite blogs if they were ‘black-listed'. No more browsing music videos and funny clips on YouTube, no more scouring Pinterest for pretties, no more sharing your life with friends and family via Facebook or being part of the conversation on Twitter.

I would encourage you all to educate yourselves on the details of this bill (and a similar bill PIPA). You can check out Google’s Overview of SOPA/PIPA and I recommend you take a look at the graphic over at American Censorship as it illustrates the basics of these bills and the harmful effect they could have on us and the economy. You can send an email to your congress person here asking them to vote against this bill. Please share this with your friends, as it is oh-so-important to protect our basic freedoms from this illogical form of censorship.

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