Bling It On!

It is so exciting when a relationship comes to the point of looking at rings together and talking about a style. I let Mr. Wonderful know that I would like something in the white gold/platinum color and very sparkly with a vintage feel. When he got down on his knee, asked me to be his wife holding a small box…the box was closed! So after I said yes and kissed him, I said excitedly, “Open it!” I was beyond shocked to find a sleek band with a traditional three stone design: a large center diamond flanked by sapphires. I was truly surprised!

My ring is stunning, unique and different than anything I had pictured. I love that he chose my special ring but honored by desires with the white gold and traditional setting. We also learned that prior to diamonds and DeBeers advertising campaigns, sapphires were the traditional engagement stone.
For his own ring, Mr. Wonderful wants no stones (I’ve asked a hundred times to confirm) and a modern style. I’ve shopped around and found just the right one with brushed metal and a thin profile so it won’t interrupt his bass playing. I’m going with a non-traditional metal which will save money but be more durable.
I think it’s smart to look at the options out there. But, choose a ring that can be sized, shows your personality and is from a reputable dealer. You want to trust that you got what you paid for and that its value will endure. With the newer metals, some can be resized, some cannot, so get comfortable with the options before you make your choice.

diamond flanked by sapphires

diamond flanked by sapphires
For us, we wanted our significant others’ opinion, but we wanted the element of surprise for the actual piece. You may choose to make the selection together, but either way it is exciting…and I still don’t know what my wedding band will look like!

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