blue ball mason jars
Savvy Shopping

Blue Ball Mason Jars

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of using vintage blue Ball mason jars as centerpieces for forever… now my dream is coming true! 🙂 Going to try to win another lot so that I have plenty to use on all my tables. Hooray! 🙂 I’ve never

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Little Heart Pins

I stumbled across this blog today via the ever-fab Inspired Goodness and boy, was I ever enamored! Look at how lovely and sweet these little heart pins are… I’m thinking wedding favors! So adorable! And the pics are just so pretty. I mean, the non-matchy colors

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Wedding Inspiration

Simple, Yummy Cakes

I hadn’t really given alot of thought to what I wanted my wedding cake to look like. Whenever I browse my many subscriptions in my Google Reader, I always grab photos of things I like and put them into separate files in my ‘wedding inspiration’ folder

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Wedding Dresses

I Love Eyelet

There’s something about eyelet that just seems so sweet and romantic to me! Here’s some pretty eyelet dresses I found around the interwebs… Some of these dresses are muy expensive, but others are pretty reasonable. Did I mention I love eyelet? From top l to bottom

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Frugal Fashion

E-pic Style Thoughts

Yay our internet is back up and running, miraculously!! It just randomly started working again over the weekend. Our wireless network is secure so I don’t think anyone could have been using it so I really have no idea what was going on last week… story of

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Bouquet Decoration

Image from here. Whenever I see photos of bouquets with pins or cameos on them I fall in love! I really love the idea of decorating your bouquet handle, and I found all of these cameos on Etsy! One of these babies would look fabulous on

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